Monday, 19 December 2011

Christmastime Again

Hmm thought I'd better show my face :0)
Well it's that time of year again where everyone is running round like headless chickens, last minute Christmas shopping and hitting the supermarkets like food is going to run out . Why do people do that?
I've seen people already with shopping trolleys full to overflowing . For God's sake the  shops are only shut for one day, two at the most .
I'm going to be smug now he he !!
No queueing for me I've made all my Christmas pressies this year . Apart from toys for the littlest Grandbears and I got them half price from Sainsbury's in November. Everything is finished and just needs wrapping. I've got to psyche myself up to do that . I hate wrapping presents .
 But what i do like is trimming the tree .
 This is the best tree I've ever done.
 My father Christmas X stitch that comes out every year.
 And my beautiful crib.
 And lots of snowmen .
I've felt more like doing things this year. The last two Christmases haven't been good at all .
We are having a big meal Christmas day .Three of the my four children will be here with their partners and four of the six Grandbears as well . So it will be pretty hectic.I am so looking forward to it .
One Christmas regular has come to an end .Grassington. As regular readers know we usually travel up to Grassington at this time of year for the Dickensian Festival . It's an early start and a long drive to get there and it has usually been great but not this year. we didn't do well at all . So much so that we cancelled the last one.We aren't going to do again , I've decided that the long drive in the cold and dark is just to much . If Papa could drive as well it wouldn't be so bad but driving there at 6-00am in the morning and driving back at 6-00 pm is no joke .So next year we'll be staying in bed .LOL
One last thing. Remember at the beginning of the year I started my 26 A-Z sock challenge .Well
I've finished . And I'm pleased to say that I am the first to do so :0)
I've really enjoyed it as I love knitting on four needles .
I'll have to think of something else to do for 2012 .

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