Thursday, 22 December 2011

Remembering Bobby .

Today marks two years since I lost my beloved brother but I don't want to be all maudling and sad on this post I want to share  with you some of the significant memories I have of him.
Bobby was eleven years older than me and along with my eldest brother Michael they made it a very special childhood .
My memories started quite early in my life.
The first memory I have of him is whilst I was still in my pram and he was taking me to see a neighbour and got the pram stuck in the gate way. 
When I was six we lost our sister and it was he who came to pick me up from a family friend and wheeled me home on the seat of his bike . I can still feel myself resting on his back so's I wouldn't fall off.
When I was thirteen I didn't get a birthday card from him instead he sent me a telegram , some thing very special in those days , with the declaration "Welcome to Teenage "
He didn't laugh at me when aged fifteen I developed a teenage crush on one of his mates .
Bobby only lived round the corner from us when he got married and if I saw his mate walking past our house to go to Bobby's I'd find some excuse to go round . He didn't mind and let the crush run it's course.
Again aged fifteen I started work as a baker and had to get up early to start work at seven . On Good Fridays morning's , which I had to work, there were no buses running that early so Bobby used to get up on his day off and take me to work on motor bike and sidecar. He was  rewarded with a buttered hot cross bun straight from the oven and a brew.
During my early teenage years i used to attend youth club discos .Mum and Dad didn't like me walking home alone and Bobby used to come and meet me.But he didn't wait right outside and embarrass me in front of my friends , he waited across the road in the shadows .We'd walk along him on one side me on the other till we were out of sight of my friends then he'd cross over and walk me home.
When I was nineteen I had my heart broken by a boy I'd been dating for three years . Bobby was there to pick up the pieces .
He took the photos of my rather rushed wedding
 And when I went into labour with my firstborn he took me to hospital . Papa and I lived with my Mum and Dad for the first few months of our marriage . After a day of mild labour pains Mum decided we'd better get to hospital and as luck would have it Bobby had just got home from work and took me in, in his green A35 van . Hitting every pothole on the way to hurry things along :0) Baby wasn't born till after midnight.
When we moved into this house Bobby sorted out with a mate to move all our stuff here so we wouldn't have any expense and when a week later he was holiday he turned up on the doorstep with a load of gardening tools and my Mum and together we sorted the garden out .
Over the next few years he helped us get the house in shipshape.
When Robert, our youngest was born, he was the obvious choice as Godfather .
When i was forty I started to learn to drive and when I passed at last after four attempts he was thrilled to bits for me . He said "I'll give you one word of advise now .Always be aware of the driver behind the car in front of you " and I always have .
When Papa had to finish work aged 46 it was Bobby's shoulder I cried on and he was very supportive .
He a has been a constant in my life all my life . If I needed advice or help his was the first number I dialled. When we'd been away on holiday he was the first person I rang to say we were back . Whenever I got a new car the first journey out was round to his house toe let him see .When I got my present car two years ago he was in hospital and very poorly but I drove past the ward window just to let him see .
My last memories of him before he was struck down are especially good .
Bobby had was frightened of water and had never learnt to swim . Papa to was a late starter and had been taking swimming lessons . We persuaded Bobby to join him at the classes . He was scared at first but gradually got the hang of it . I spent hours swimming by his side encouraging him to slow down and take his time . We used to sing a childhood song together so he could get the rhythm . He progressed to diving in and I can still see his grinning face as he surfaced from the water .
So many happy memories and they are replacing the the horrible ones before his death.
I loved him very much and it was a privilege to have him as my brother .
Rest in Peace My Darling Brother till we meet again .

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