Friday, 30 December 2011

A Happy Family Christmas .

Well folks I got all I could have wished for and had my happy family Christmas.
After the last two bad Christmases I decided I wanted a big traditional family one.
So the plan was we would have eleven for dinner.
DS1 said he couldn't make it with his two boys as his ex was having them over Christmas and he wouldn't be getting them till Boxing Day evening.
Papa and I worked hard baking and cooking and by Christmas Eve  the dining room was transformed.
By twelve o'clock Christmas Day everyone had begun to arrive so I went into the kitchen to put the veg on and do abit of sorting out  that's when i got my surprise.
DS1 arrived with his partner they'd driven up Christmas Eve and stayed at his partners parents then come over to us for Christmas dinner . So it was a full house .Just a pity his boys couldn't come. We had to rapidly dig out " emergency chairs " and jiggle things about but everything worked out in the end . 
I took loads of pics and here are some of them .

All in all it was a brilliant day and one I would like to repeat.
P.S. Something I forgot to mention. It was twelve months, on Boxing Day , since I last cried in despair.
Black Dog begone !!!!!

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