Saturday, 23 April 2011

At Last Baby Bear's here ,

Me and Papa Bear are very proud to announce the arrival of our latest Grandbear.
A She Bear born at 6 o'clock this morning by emergency section weighing 8lbs 2ozs .
Mum Dad and Baby are all fine .
Me and Papa are so relieved it's all over .
Just been to see her :0)
 Pround Granny.

Proud Auntie 

Friday, 22 April 2011


I've got up this morning feeling a bit down . No not my "depression down " just down .
At the moment we seem to spending a lot of time waiting . We are still waiting for baby Bear to make an appearence and we are now getting a bit anxiuos as it is now the third day of Mum being in hospital .
We are also spending a lot of time waiting in hospital waiting rooms . I don't usually say much about ailments and such , appart from when i blogged about my depression , but just lately Papa Bear has been dealt another two blows .Appart from his Epilepsy the Macular degeneration which hit him last year has worsened and he has now lost all central vision in his right eye . He is now having to undergo more injections in his eye . Just the thought of it makes me curl up . And now this past fortnight he has found out his bad backproblems is not sciatica but a degeneration of his spine and hip . We've been waiting to here from the Orthopeodic man who got in touch yesterday and has arranged for Papa to have an MRI scan . So a bit more waiting . Thankfully it will be done before we go on holiday . I think we have on average one or two appointments every week till we go away .He doesn't deserve all this .
Anyway the back problems has led to some mixed blessings . Because Papa won't be able to manhandle the caravan anymore we have decided to sell it . We are on the lookout for a small motorhome . We'll get more use out of it and be able to " Just Go " whenever we feel like it  . Some good comes out of everything .
We are off to see Papa's brother this afternoon so that will lift us both . Then , after being like a boarding house over the past two weeks with Grandbears staying , we become boarding kennels as Maggie comes to stay for three weeks whilst Dd and her man go on holiday .
Hopefully I will soon have some baby news .

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Passing on skills and waiting for baby.

Intitot or to translate from Lancashire dialect , the weathers rather warm lol.
It's gorgeous here in Gods own county and we are making the most of it . Doing a bit of gardening and having some nice walks . We were out early this morning before it got to hot for Meg . We went on our favourite railway walk . Just as we turned onto the path we were hit by all the intoxicating smells of the blossoms on the trees . It was brilliant . All the birds were singing their heads off . I can never understand these peopl who walk along there with headphones on listening to music when they could be listening to all the birds .
Also this warm weather has brought out all the acres of white flesh . I am convinced that some people have no mirrors from some of the sights I've seen these past few days . Cropped tops and short shorts on people who, lets say ,are weight and age challenged lol 
Anyway here's something nice to look at in the sunshine :0)
 the perfume on this tree was gorgeous but I can't find out what it is .
 This was a lonely clump of bluebells
 Lords and ladies
And sweet Apple blossom .

About six or eight weeks ago i got a phone call from Grandbear #5 which went like this 
" Graaandmaaaa I've carded some fleece do you think you could spin it for me then I can knit a teddy bear ".
Of course Grandma said yes and when he came to stay last week it was all spun up . I asked if he wanted to dye it  he gave the answer in the affirmative so the dye pots came out. Please note not my acid dyes but Cool Aid . An American powdered drink that I would not dream of giving my children to drink for what it does to the wool but it's quite safe for dyeing .
Here he is dyeing his wool . It's nice to pass on skills . Unfortunately he lives 240 miles away so these occasions are few and far between . He loved every minute of it and went home as pleased as punch with his multi-coloured ball of wool .
We are still waiting for Grandbear #6 to put in an appearence . His/Her Mum went into hospital yesterday to be induced so anytime now . I'll be glad when it's all over and everything is alright .
Well that's all for now folks .Oh I've forgotten something me and Papa Bear have decided to do Fibre East in July . So for three months on the trot we will be at wool festivals . Woolfest in June , Fibre East in Ju;y and Fibre Fest in August . More later . Toodle Pip :0)

Monday, 11 April 2011

Wonderwool 2011

This is going to be a rather pic heavy post .Well i did it . The first show for twelve months firmly under my belt .
It was tiring but i enjoyed every minute of it . Meeting up with old friends we haven't seen in ages . Especially Artis-Anne and Tony who we haven't seen since last November when we went down to stay .
And making new friends .A lady came to speak to me and told me she reads this blog and keeps up with my trials and tribulations . It was nice meeting someone who takes the time to read my little ramblings . You know who you are , lady from Fulwood , unfortunately I forgot to ask your name .
Now for the pics 
First of all this is my Fan Club . These Cheeky Imps are the children of Bex aka Cheeky Imp from Ravelry.
They have been coming to see me with their Mum since they were tiny . As I hadn't seen them for twelve months i got a group hug from them .
Some more Cheeky Imps .
Sarah from Brownberry Yarns . Nic from Nicknots and Gemma from Krafty Koala .
Sarah and Gemma belong to the Preston S'N'B that Papa Bear and I go to .
Papa Bear knitting on the stall .
And now for my my goodies haul .Due to the fact I hadn't been let loose in all the fibery goodness for a year I'm afraid I went a bit OTT lol.
Black Merino and nylon sock fibre .
Bags of glitz for making luxury batts .
Some more fibre . This tim Merino /Cashmere and a beautiful wrist distaff from manda Crafts.
A bit of baby alpaca yarn . don't know what I'll do with it yet .
Gorgeous silk brick to spin and some dyed silk cocoons for making art yarn .
Yet more fibre . this was a gift from Artis-Anne in my fave colours .
And last but not least a beautiful Turkish spindle .A present from Papa Bear .
All in all a lovely weekend .Now I can relax and spin for a cople of months before I tackle Wool fest in June .

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Wonderwool Wales Preview

Well where did March go then . It's been a very , very busy month for us . Dyeing ,sewing , painting and soap making. All in the name of Wonderwool Wales . I've really got back in the saddle these past few weeks after my Gap Year . I've enjoyed every minute of creating new yarns and bags . Each week I have set myself a target of things to do and i've achieved it without tiring myself out and I'm feeling on top of the world . Everything has got done but there is still a few last minute tweeks .The only concession I have allowed myself this year is not taking the caravan . I decided it would be to much after not going out in it for a year and the six months not driving . We are looking forward to a nice B&B for a change .Now for the Preview . The following pics are a selection of what will be on sale at Wonderwool this year .
                                                          Small Pocket Project bags 100% cotton
Bucket style knitting bags . Lots of pockets on the outside for your bits and pieces.
 Small Pyramid Bags .
100% Cotton
Large Pyramid bags .These have a nice  squidgy feel  as they have a batting interlining .
100% Cotton
Box Project Bags . Also nice and squidgy . Ideal for sock knitting . I use one for taking my knitting to endless hospital appoitments with Papa Bear .
100% cotton
 Loads and loads of hand painted sock blockers in small medium and large . With a choice of sheep or flower paintings . All made by Papa Bear .
And last but not least Sheep Soap ( try saying that when your drunk )
Papa Bear has made these as well . Very cute don't you think.
New Wools .
Country Tweed . A lovely Merino tweed effect sock yarn.
Pussyfoot . A gorgeous soft Merino / Cashmere / Nylon yarn . Lovely for socks and  shawls  .
 Razzle Dazzle and Bobby Dazzler Sparkley sock yarns . Unfortunately the pics don't show the sparkley up very well. Razzle dazzle is silver sparkle Bobby Dazzler is gold .
So you can see now why there hasn't been any postings in March .
We have more shows to come during the year . We have got in to Woolfest in June and Fibrefest in August . We have also applied for Fibre Flurry in October so it's going to be a very woolly year ahead .

Grandbear hasn't put in an appearence yet but hopefully in the next week . Somehow dates have got mixed up so a little while longer to wait .
Right that's it for now got some bits and pieces to do . See you all at Wonderwool . Don't forget to come and say hello . We are on stand T6 near the food and workshops . :0)