Monday, 18 February 2008

The Decorating is Finished . Hurrah!!!

At last the nightmare has ended.After 26 days, at 9-30 pm last night the last piece of beading was placed round the edge of the wood flooring and the floor was given a quick swiff round and we collapsed on the sofa knackered. I had been determined we would finish yesterday even if i'd have had to stay up till midnight.
We have gone from this virtual bombsite .
To this . I am so pleased with it . I just keep drooling over how nice it looks.
For 37 years we have lived with someone elses idea of decoration. At first it was a novelty but as the years have gone on it's been a thorn in my side. A shaped chimney breast covered in Lakeland slate with builtup alcoves . Dark and dismal . Unfortunately we couldn't afford to have it removed till my dear cousin stepped in. Now we have a huge room with lots of light and OUR signature on it . Which is the most important thing.
Now it's done I have got to catch up with work as I havn't made a thing for the stall in all this time. I think the words nose and grindstone spring to mind .

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