Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Winter / Spring

These picture were taken at seven o'clock this morning. The temperature was - 10 . This is the pond in our garden . The ice is four inches thick , and there is one area of ice free water where the waterfall is . Yesterday the sparrows where queueing up for a bath and a drink. At one time there was ten. It was highly comically as they moved along when one flew off.
I think the birds are alittle confused . Last week it was nice
and warm , now we are back to freezing .
The temperature is also low in my attic workroom, 4 degrees to be exact. So the heater has gone on till it is warm enough to work. I'm not an Eskimo .
By the time I've had lunch it will be habitable.

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maylin said...

Oh you must get a picture of the sparrows it sounds sucfun!