Sunday, 10 February 2008

Oh! to be in England

Oh! to be in England now that Spring is here. Well not quite there's another month before it's official but yesterday and today have certainly been very Springlike. And doesn't it make you feel better . The days are lengthening nicely. We've now got an hour and three quarters more daylight than we had on New Years Day . 45mins in the morning and an hour at night.Primulas
Lenten Lilies just in time as Lent started on Wednesday.

This was taken yesterday whilst on a long walk in the country with my sister and her Man.
Very pastroral . Who needs abroad when you've got views like these. There were lots of lambs about and plenty of birds busying themselves finding nest sites . We saw a Short Eared Owl as well ,which was a bonus.

This is my sister and her Man and friendly horse .

I love this time of year when everything is coming to life . I seem to come out of hibernation myself. The only problem is when the Sun shines like it has done it has a tendency to grab me by the throat and drag me outside when i should inside working. Never mind.
The decorating goes on . Nearly all the paper is on and it's looking great . Hope fully by next week it should be finished . I've kept escaping as I just can't stand the mess . It will be worth it though. Papa Bear has done brilliant and has kept well .

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