Sunday, 24 February 2008

Now we are 60 ( well not quite)

We had a bit of a do last night. Our four children took DH and me out for a meal to celebrate our sixtieth birthdays.It was the only weekend everyone could be together . Dh is 60 tomorrow i've another fortnight to wait till I'm officially a pensioner , not that I'm bothered about being one. It has it's perks , all the freebees you can get.This is us with the cake .Doesn't Dh look happy. He doesn't do posed photos very well , you've got to catch him unawares.
It's been a good weekend though. Eldest son came up from Somerset ( where the cider apples grow) and stayed here which was nice . We havn't seen him since August . It was a pity he couldn't bring his boys. He sorted the computer out for me and it is now all nicely upgraded and virus protected. As payment a I mended his vintage hand made dinner jacket.

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ambermoggie said...

happy birthday to you both:)