Thursday, 31 January 2008

Last day of January

Well that month went mighty quick . I hope the rest of the year doesn't follow suit . It's going out with a blast though isn't . As I write this the wind is howling outside and according to the forcast there's a promise of snow . I'm miles behind with my work as I'm having to stay downstairs . Papa Bear is decorating but due to the fact he's had the worst month ever Epilepsywise I've got to keep an even closer eye on him. So really he'll be glad to see the back of January.
We've decided to have an early night . He's already tucked up in bed and as soon as I've done this that's where i'm headed .It's 9-25pm there is absolutly nothing on tele so it's hot chocolate and a book . This time Roy Castle's autobyography ,not quite the page turner as Clarissa's but good. Tomorrow painting woodwork !!!!!!***** IHATE DECORATING.

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