Saturday, 12 January 2008

A bit of R&R

Today I have taken it easy for once. After a nice long walk with Meg and DH ( taking advantage of the only fine day in the next week ) We nipped to Borders and picked up my Spin Off mag . Had a light lunch ,then chilled. Dh went to bed, as he's had a very dodgy week this week with seizures . Meg was zonked out . So Moi put her feet up and listened to saucy play on Radio 4 and knitted . I think I needed a couple of hours to myself as it can be a bit exhausting when DH isn't well . Keeping an extra eye on him and helping jog his memory about the simplest of things . I think the memory thing is one of the hardest things about the Epilepsy for both of us because it can be so frustrating . One plus for him he say's he can watch a film more than once and not remember it. I think this evening will be radio and knitting one . There's nowt on't tele . As usual . 60 odd channels and nothing worth watching .

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