Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Builders , Socks and Rain

Well that's my first resolution broke. I had every intentions of keeping up with my blog more, honest . It just hasn't happened . In the evenings with all this wet and rain all I've wanted to do is shut the curtains and curl up with my knitting. All this rain is so depressing . I 've been to B&Q to price up wood and I've got the plans from Noah just in case . We can't go for long walks ,it's a case of short ones in between the downpours . Luckily Meg is a pretty laid back dog and is putting up with it. But on I brighter note ( sort of ) . The rain has brought my cousin. If you scroll back to December you will see that our front room fireplace is encased in Lakeland Slate .It was on when we bought the house . It's grey and dark and after living with it for 37 years the novelty has certainly worn off. So we decided enough and consulted my cousin , The Builder , who is the brother of my cousin The Mechanic , who takes care of my car. All was sorted and a price agreed . Then it was a case of waiting for him to come. This is where the rain comes in , figuratively not liturally . He's got rained off outside work so he's come in from the cold . It's going to takes three days to do the building work then it will all have to be decorated .At this point I would like to leave and come back in a few weeks. After the slate has come off .
All tidied up and sides bricked up and made straight again. The big black hole is going to be an Ingle Nook . Today it is going to have a first coat of plaster . Watch this space .

These are the socks I've knit since Christmas .
Left to right . Christmas socks , own dye. Simple socks , Natural Dye studio BFL , Entrelac Socks ,own dye, Thong toe socks , NDS Alpaca /Silk , very soft.
I've also been up in my workroom every day sewing and cutting out . So really I've been a busy Bear and will be even busier when my cousin has gone.

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