Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Caravans and Damp

Had some bad news today . The caravan went in for a service and they have found a lot of damp. The scourge of all caravanners. We got sent for to see what we should do . It was good news and bad . The bad news is it would cost nearly a grand to put right and seeing as how it's 16 years old it's not really worth it. The goodish news is with a little bit of work that DH can do it will probably last a couple more years. I was a bit gutted as I love my little van . It's my Mole End , it's my Open Road . If you've read Wind in the Willows you'll know what I'm talking about. This is inside . The size is very deceptive .It's quite roomy ,even though it's a tiny van. Only 18 inches longer than the car . So easy to tow and it just fits nicley on the drive. This is outside ,with the awning on . This was taken at the farm we stay on in the Lakes. Last year we lived in it for nine weeks . It was great . But now we've got to start saving up to buy a replacement . God knows what I will do when the time comes and she's got to go . There will cerainly be a few tears . Till then I'll still lavish love on her and make some new cushions for this season.
25/01/2008 Got a P.S. Got my Van Back and the damp is no where near as first thought . We could get quite a few years out of her yet. But we've decided to start saving for a new one . We need more space when we go away for the Summer . So we are now looking for a buyer towards the back end of the year.
Workwise i'm back in harness after the Christmas break. All three embroidery machines going and cutting bags out. Going to design some knitting needle wallets for DPN'S . I need one desprately . Been swimming and the weight is moving again so that's ok.

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