Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Happy New Year ( I Hope)

Well here starteth a new year and it's got to be better than last.It did end on a good note though DH had the first seizure free Christmas /New Year period for years . We didn't stay up ,though I did hear the fireworks going off at midnight. I got Clarissa Dickson Wrights autobyography for Christmas from DH and I can't put it down . I only read at bedtime so the light has been burning long into the night. I reccomend it as a good read.
Resolutions. I'm putting them on here as I think it will help me keep them.
1. Lose weight . I'd already started my diet before Christmas but I need to keep it up. I have put a bit back on over the festivities but I've got my diet head back on now. Target 9 stone by Easter.
2. Excercise more . I don't get enough fresh air and excersise so me DH have worked out a walking/swimming plan for the week.
3. Be more economical. I spend to much money and have not much to show for it. Going to do a bit of wardrobe revamping and remodelling to save buying clothes. I will only buy something if I need it not cos I want it.
4. Leave my children to battle with there own problems themselves. They are all grown up and I have enough to do as it is keeping my eye on DH .
5. Think of something really cool to do to mark mine and DH's 60th birthday in Feb/March. All suggestions welcome ( except bungy jumping).
6. Last of all keep up to date with my Blog. Ta Dah!!!!!

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