Monday, 31 December 2007

End of the Year

Christmas passed very quietly . We spent it at DD's and the dogs where great . After the first initial flying round they where fine. This is them curled up for the night Christmas Eve . Meg , a Welsh Border Collie ,is on the right and she is ours and Maggie , a Patterdale Terrier is on the left . She belongs to DD. This is DH on Christmas morning ,just proving you don't have to spend thousands on pressies . He's playing with an electric Sudoku that cost me £7-99 from Aldi and it kept him quiet all day
These are some of my pressies . I sat and devoured them which got all my creative juices going so roll on New year.
We had a lovely Christmas dinner Robert and his girlfriend came round so more pressies. We all ended up stuffed , so after dinner me and Lucia took the dogs out for a long walk.
Boxing Day we all went to Andrew's ( No 2 son) to see the Grandchildren and stayed a couple of hours then headed home.
I think DH and I are missing the doting Children/ Grandchildren Gene as we where glad to be home just the two of us. Don't get me wrong we love them dearly and it was nice to see them but we where like a couple of homing pigeons on the way home.
Friday we went wool hunting to Heywood and got some fantastic Lace Weight Yarns . All wool and a good price .Then we went a ride round and found where DH lived when he was a little lad in Milnrow . He was dead chuffed ,though it had changed a bit . Houses where there used to be fields . The old story.
The last few days have been unexciting . Been walking , knitting, eating sleeping etc etc .
Today endeth 2007 and it will be good riddance . It's not been a good . Number 1 son split from his not so DW . Business took a big blow in the Summer when Foot and Mouth struck and shows got cancelled and the dreadful weather which resulted in more shows going . So all in all it was pretty crap . Lets hope 2008 will make up for it. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY READERS.
Nearly forgot very important both me and DH are now on Ravelry. I'm thelaalbear ,of course , he's having his username changed at the mo as the one he chose was bad . Anyone on Ravelry check us out. If your not on sign up it's great

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