Friday, 7 December 2007

Chlling and More Good News

First the good news . I have been accepted for Wonderwool Wales ,which is great, not done it before. Plus it will be a bit of an adventure as we havn't taken the Caravan to Wales before either. I hope the journey isn't to hilly as I do all the driving . Anyone know of a not so hilly route to the Royal Welsh Showground? from lancashire.
Yesterday I received a letter from The Pension Service . It's official from next March I will be a pensioner. I didn't do what MiL did. She burst in to tears . What's another year ? Anyway your as old as you feel and at the moment that's about 30. The back end of this week I've been mostly chilling out. Pressies are all finished .I've enough stock for this weekend at Grassington so i decided to put my feet up a bit. Tomorrow is a long day get up at five not home till seven thirty and hopefully loads of sales in between. Will report Sunday.

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