Sunday, 9 December 2007

Tired again.

Just a short post .On Saturday we went to Grassington and the rain rained and the snow snowed . It was awful . Still lots of people came though it wasn't as good as last week. I think I'm getting end of seasonitis and a cold . Round about this time of year when i've only one more Grassington to do my body and mind seem to slow right down .I don't need to make anything more as there is enough stock for next week and with the short days i seem to go into a sort of hibernation till after Christmas . I've a couple of projects to try out . A shawl , some Marvelous Mitts and some spinning. I mainly want to spin as I lose myself whilst doing it and you never know how the yarn will turn out.Want a little treat ,go and visit Robert and click on the Myspace link . He's my youngest and is a singer ,he's great , but then I'm biased.
I've got a little bit of pressie wrapping to do this afternoon . Said Robert is going down to Bristol ,he's appearing at The G Casino, and meeting up with number one son so he's playing postman and taking everyones pressies down. Saving a lot of money in postage.

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