Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Busy ,busy

I have been so busy these past couple of weeks Blog has had to take a backseat . I have been knitting pressies for my huge family .
Just finished these for my only daughter. The pattern is Flight of Eagles but the pattern isn't very prominent . I should have used plain wool. But DD loved the colour of some of my hand dyed wool. I have also been mega busy making stuff for Grassington Dickensian Festival. There on Saturday and it was HEAVING . We are back this Saturday and the 15th . It is always very busy hence not getting any blogging done. Now down to good news first I've been accepted for Woolfest in June . Yippee!!! Second my good friend Kevin has put my Hand Dyed Wools on his website . I have put a link in the sidebar ,so if you are interested , please feel free to browse. Now the other things I've been making.
I've made these bags for Sock Knitters . Very handy for when you are travelling about. Lots of Pockets and a cute little mouse on the front knitting a sock .There is a close up below. I had them on the stall at the weekend and sold some along with my newly dyed BFL. Managed along walk this morning . I'm trying to lose the weight I gained during a Summer in the Lakes. At last it's moving can't wait to get back into my decent jeans again. Well back to the attic still got lots to do .

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really they are fab, I love the eagles flight pattern aswell, your daughter is very lucky