Thursday, 24 January 2008

Progress report and Hair

Here is a progress report on the front room . It's beginning to look good. It's had it's first coat of plaster and new scareting boards put on. Another cousin came last night , my cousin The Gas Man. Well you've got to keep it in the family. Anyway ,he came an sealed the gas off fom the old gasfire so that's sorted. It's getting final coat of plaster today then we just have to wait for it to dry then set to and decorate.
Hair Cut Fund Raiser
This my No 1 son so called because he's the eldest not the favourite . I don't have favourites all my four are loved equally .As you can see he has a lot of hair , It goes down his back . At the moment he is fund raising for his sons school here
If he raises enough money and gets enough votes he is having it cut off .
I myself am voting for it to come off . It's time for a change .
If you would like to donate and vote go here
If you put a mention in the comments that you got the link from here he would like that .
It's for a good cause .

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