Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Birthdays Decorating and Winding Wool

We went out on Saturday night . It was my friend ,Elaine's ,60th birthday . Her DH had organised a family meal out but unbeknown to Elaine he'd invited me and my DH .Much" oo what are you doing here? " when she spotted us . It had taken her DH much scullduggery finding my phone number . We have been friends for 56 years . We started school together in Miss Mckenzie's class . We've drifted in and out of each others life ever since . We had a lovely evening with much catching up .This is us below plus a bit of one of her Grandaughters.
Elaine is on the right.

The decorating has begun . All walls are stripped . As we have an open staircase the landing has to be done as well .That to has been stripped and my house now rembles a bomb site .Tomorrow all the woodwork will be rubbed down .
I absolutely , completly and totally HATE having the decorating done .One of my sons reckons i'm a control freak and when it's time to decorate I lose it big time.
I think I'll move into Mole End ( my caravan ) for a month.
The season is starting .Entry Forms for Agricultural Shows are popping through the door and yours truly is having a panic . Easter is quickly approaching and I've not half of what I wanted to do. Hence Winding Wool. Thats what I've been doing . My yarn sometimes comes on cones and it has to wound into 100grm hanks ,which is fine if the yarn is on the thick side . Today not so fine , i've been winding laceweight and at 1500 metres per 100grm thats nearly a mile of yarn . I didn't do to bad though and managed 3 kilos. My arms are killing me but not bad enough to stop me knitting tonight . "So oft I jolly well go " to quote Jimmy Young . TTFN.

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