Sunday, 6 January 2008

Epiphany and all that.

Well it's the feast of the Epiphany when all the trimmings are supposed to come down . I jumped the gun and they all came down on the 2nd . Except for my Crib ,as the three wise men don't arrive till today, I thought i'd better leave it up or they'd have nowhere to go.
I had to take the Christmas stuff down as I wanted to get back to normality. When we'd done that we sorted all the stock out and made a big list of what there is to make. The answer was LOTS. Then I realised that it was only eleven weeks till Easter and our first outing . Then I PANICKED. Luckily we don't need much in the form of raw materials but we did need card for the Memory Albums I do . So after lunch we set off for James Croppers at Kendal and got loads. On the way back we called in at Sizergh Barn Cafe for a coffee and watched the cows being milked . Got a gorgeous basket for the stall . It will look great full of wool. And a hat . More on that another day.
Think I've got a new addiction . Lace knitting. This is another Forest Canopy . This time my own Hand Dyed BFL. I just love it . Watching the patterns form . I've just got a new book to work my own designs out . Am just experimenting today.At last I've mastered Entrelac socks and I think they will be a bit addictive as well. It wasn't as hard as I thought .Though they do take a bit of time. I've found my short Brittany DPN's are great for this work. Booked the caravan in at a site for the Easter Crafts Fair at Silloth , West Cumbria . It will be our first visit up there this year. One of many. Then we'll be up there for our long stay in Summer doing the Agricultural Shows . Hopefully nobody will let Foot and Mouth out again.
At last I've finished my Clarissa Dickson Wright book . It was fantastic . The only trouble was I didn't get much sleep while I was reading it as I couldn't put it down . What a page turner.
Well back to some proper work tomorrow . My lists are written . My timetable and clock are set and I am raring to go. NORMALITY RULES.

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Carole said...

Hi! How are you? i have never blogged before but I have purchased your yarn and do a great deal of knitting. I love reading and seeing the pictures you have posted. It is great to connect with real people rather than impersonal computer names and numbers. I have done lace knitting and would love to knit a large shawl. I also love the shawl that you made called "Forest Canopy". Is it possible to get a copy of your wonderful pattern that I could have or purchase? I live in Michigan where we have a lot of snow ,4 inches, on the ground now. It is March 1st.and Spring should not be too far away but one cannot tell. My little dogs go out and come back in full of snow balls all over them. More fun!!I am a Mom and Grandma too and love to knit for other people too. I have never knitted socks but would like to do so. What is a good pattern. I would have a hard time knitting that second sock. Is there a way to knit both of them together? I hope you get this message.Thanks, Carole