Friday, 29 February 2008

Last day of February

Last day of February . Leap Year Day when tradition has it that ladies can propose to men. Do people still propose marriage? I mean do they still go down on one knee and say " Will you marry me " all nice and romantic ? Papa Bear proposed to me in the back of a taxi so he couldn't kneel down but he did propose properly. One of my nephews took his girlfriend to New York and proposed to her at the top of The Empire State Building . Now that's romantic . But having said that ,they have lived together for the past five years so I suppose it was a forgone conclusion they would get married.
What ever happened to courting ? When you would walk out with someone for several months before you brought them home for tea to meet the family . Then after a while the proposal , engagement and subsequent saving to get married . Nowadays they move in with each other after a few weeks never mind a few years . I think our way was best. Ah well!!
As you can see i've been busy. This is the end result of two weeks work . Lots of knitting bags and big patchwork pocket bags, which I will be selling at the Fairs. I've still got ten more big bags to do but they are all cut out ready.
I've also been knitting . These are " Graaaandmaaaa can you knit me some jazzy socks for netball " request from my eldest Grandaughter. Well I think they fulfill the jazzy . They didn't take long either , just three nights.

These are for me . L to R Alpaca / Merino . Merino /Tencel . Blue Faced Leicester .
I've just treated myself to some Birkenstock sandals and a Pair of Crocs so I think they will look great for the Summer . Not the usual things for a nearly Pensioner but who cares.
Tomorrow me and DH are going on our "Grand Day Out " to York . It's our special birthday treat to us . I'm really looking forward to it . We are going on a Puffer Train with refurbished 1960' s carriages . It's a four hour journey so I will be taking taking my knitting ,socks i think , as they will fit in my bag . There's a thought "Railway Socks ".

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Now we are 60 ( well not quite)

We had a bit of a do last night. Our four children took DH and me out for a meal to celebrate our sixtieth birthdays.It was the only weekend everyone could be together . Dh is 60 tomorrow i've another fortnight to wait till I'm officially a pensioner , not that I'm bothered about being one. It has it's perks , all the freebees you can get.This is us with the cake .Doesn't Dh look happy. He doesn't do posed photos very well , you've got to catch him unawares.
It's been a good weekend though. Eldest son came up from Somerset ( where the cider apples grow) and stayed here which was nice . We havn't seen him since August . It was a pity he couldn't bring his boys. He sorted the computer out for me and it is now all nicely upgraded and virus protected. As payment a I mended his vintage hand made dinner jacket.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Winter / Spring

These picture were taken at seven o'clock this morning. The temperature was - 10 . This is the pond in our garden . The ice is four inches thick , and there is one area of ice free water where the waterfall is . Yesterday the sparrows where queueing up for a bath and a drink. At one time there was ten. It was highly comically as they moved along when one flew off.
I think the birds are alittle confused . Last week it was nice
and warm , now we are back to freezing .
The temperature is also low in my attic workroom, 4 degrees to be exact. So the heater has gone on till it is warm enough to work. I'm not an Eskimo .
By the time I've had lunch it will be habitable.

Monday, 18 February 2008

The Decorating is Finished . Hurrah!!!

At last the nightmare has ended.After 26 days, at 9-30 pm last night the last piece of beading was placed round the edge of the wood flooring and the floor was given a quick swiff round and we collapsed on the sofa knackered. I had been determined we would finish yesterday even if i'd have had to stay up till midnight.
We have gone from this virtual bombsite .
To this . I am so pleased with it . I just keep drooling over how nice it looks.
For 37 years we have lived with someone elses idea of decoration. At first it was a novelty but as the years have gone on it's been a thorn in my side. A shaped chimney breast covered in Lakeland slate with builtup alcoves . Dark and dismal . Unfortunately we couldn't afford to have it removed till my dear cousin stepped in. Now we have a huge room with lots of light and OUR signature on it . Which is the most important thing.
Now it's done I have got to catch up with work as I havn't made a thing for the stall in all this time. I think the words nose and grindstone spring to mind .

Sunday, 10 February 2008

Oh! to be in England

Oh! to be in England now that Spring is here. Well not quite there's another month before it's official but yesterday and today have certainly been very Springlike. And doesn't it make you feel better . The days are lengthening nicely. We've now got an hour and three quarters more daylight than we had on New Years Day . 45mins in the morning and an hour at night.Primulas
Lenten Lilies just in time as Lent started on Wednesday.

This was taken yesterday whilst on a long walk in the country with my sister and her Man.
Very pastroral . Who needs abroad when you've got views like these. There were lots of lambs about and plenty of birds busying themselves finding nest sites . We saw a Short Eared Owl as well ,which was a bonus.

This is my sister and her Man and friendly horse .

I love this time of year when everything is coming to life . I seem to come out of hibernation myself. The only problem is when the Sun shines like it has done it has a tendency to grab me by the throat and drag me outside when i should inside working. Never mind.
The decorating goes on . Nearly all the paper is on and it's looking great . Hope fully by next week it should be finished . I've kept escaping as I just can't stand the mess . It will be worth it though. Papa Bear has done brilliant and has kept well .