Monday, 23 February 2009

C.R.A.F.T. Spinning , day's out etc etc ...

Ok ! It's been over a week since i blogged. It's mainly because of my memory , or lack of it . My youngest says I suffer from the adult version of ADHD . It's called CRAFT ( can't remember a flippin' thing ) . I've kept forgetting to get batteries for the camera and when I finally got round to getting some , I kept forgetting to blog .So here I am , I've remembered. He He !!!!
I have been busy though , dyeing yarn and there is now a small update on my Blogshop .
There's some new sock yarn and a bit of Double knit BFL as well .
The forms for the shows have started to arrive and I will have to start filling them in and getting them posted. We've had a bit of bad news though . Trevor , the guy who organises a few of the Cumbrian shows , has had a stoke and has been forced to retire from doing them . This is a blow as we usually go up to Silloth for a four day show at Easter but it won't be happening now. We are still going up but are having a short holiday instead as we have booked the caravan site .This will be the first time in 16 yaers I have not worked over Easter.
I've had a busy week on other woolly projects as well.
The Rainbow Socks are finished .
The Falkland roving that Artis-Anne gave mne for Christmas has been spun and plyed and is now awaiting a suitable projest to turn up to be knitted . It's my best yet . I spun it very fine and managed to get 420 yards so I'm thinking small shawl .

I've been spinning my gorgeous purple batts that I got from Blackpurl for Christmas . The camera has not done it justice , it just doesn't like purple and always shows it blue .
More spinning . This time some of my own hand dyed Shetland . I'm getting this very fine . I was inspired by a visit to Littleberry last week . She spins some really fine yarn .
We had the Bear Cubs to stay on Wednesday night , which we enjoyed asthey are pleasure to have . The day after we went on our usual trip to Morecambe . They won't go anywhere else and love to play on the Stone Jetty , even the eldest who is 15 . It was bitter cold but they soon warmed up running round . After we went to Greigs for pasties and ate them in the car .
With the Easter Fair being cancelled ,it has relieved the pressure to get things finished for then .So Papa Bear has been taking advantage of the fine weather and getting the veg plot ready. Tomorrow we are going out hunting fruit bushes and seed potatoes . We just need a pig and some chickens . I wish !!!!
Now I'm going to have a little rant . Over the past six weeks or so the weather at times has been somewhat Icelandic in temperature . So will somebody explain to me WHY Mums of today do not wrap their children up against the cold and biteing winds. When I've been out and about in the village it has sickened me to see the number of babes and toddlers in prams with no hats , no mittens and no blankets wrapping them up and keeping them warm . I used to put a hot water bottle in the pram when mine where young and they were in a proper pram facing me ,not one of these buggy things open to the elements . It's down right cruel to do this to a babe .
Here endeth my rant . What do you think ??????
Right , now that I've got that off my chest I'm going to put my feet up cos I'm knackered :0)

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