Thursday, 12 February 2009

Dyeing , Knitting and a Few signs of Spring

We've just come back from our walk and to put it bluntley , it's bloody freezing.Mind you I've felt the chill all morning as i have spent it in the kitchen dyeing , more later.
We have been lucky with the Winter weather though , we've had hardly any snow round here . Unlike down south where it's been terrible . Think I've changed my mind about wanting to move down to Devon :0) There was the first signs of Spring today . These are Pussy Willows breaking through . Sorry It's a bit blurred but Meg kept brushing against the branch .
Tinny leaf buds on another tree . Not sure what it was but It's coming to life .
And it looks like Moley had abandoned the whitewash ( Wind in the Willows readers will know what i'm talking about )and come to the surface for a look round .
As I said before i've been dyeing again , wool this time . I have been putting a new plan into operation this time , as far as dyeing is concerned . I usually go at it like a bull at a gate and dye the whole lot at once . This time i'm being a bit more methodical and doing 2.5 kilos every other day . That way I can get it dried and reskeined more easily . This was todays lot hanging up to dry.
This si some I did at the begining of the week . I will be uploading it onto my Shopblog when I've got all th other wool done .
I've been doing some knitting as well . Made myself a new hat and of course when DD saw it she wanted one as well . Mine's the red one to go with my purple coat . You know " When I am old I will purple with a red hat " It's one of Woolly Wormhead's patterns called Meret . It didn't take long to make either . I used some of my Jet from my stash . It's very warm and I don't look like my Mum when I wear it :0)


Rowan said...

I'm here via Leanne's blog - it is a real coicidence that we both have grandsons called Gabriel with a birthday on Feb 13th:) I like your knitted hats, I'm a knitter too but it's mostly baby stuff these days as I have nearly 4 grandchildren under 3.

mrmog said...

Hi Ursula,
I love the Sandy Nelson track and your wool looks very colourful.
Mr Mog

ambermoggie said...

fab colours as always. Have nominated you for the kreativ blogger award check out my blog for details