Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Indiana Jones and a Pile of Fibre :0)

I've been doing a bit of dyeing again . My fibre stash for Woolfest / Wonderwool is growing .I love the colour combinations I've created . These fibres are for sale on my Shopblog
you will also find individual pics of each fibre as well .
I've started kniiting the Rainbow wool I spun last week . I'm well chuffed with the result . I quite like the ball as well , i wound it on my noster pinne . Looks quite professional . Last week , at S'N'B someone asked where I'd got the yarn from . Now that is a compliment .

Look what my son did to DH.

You didn't know I was married to Indiana Jones did you ??? :0)
Neither did I till No 3 son sent this . There's a web site where you can add a photo to well known posters .
He did it because one of his ex's from way back always mainted DH lokked like Harrison Ford .I think there great . He looks quite handsome .

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Artis-Anne said...

Busy, busy little bee :) Socks are looking good ; now were did you get that yarn ;)?
WOW never knew you were married to Harrison Ford , no wonder you are such a happy lady ;)