Monday, 31 December 2007

End of the Year

Christmas passed very quietly . We spent it at DD's and the dogs where great . After the first initial flying round they where fine. This is them curled up for the night Christmas Eve . Meg , a Welsh Border Collie ,is on the right and she is ours and Maggie , a Patterdale Terrier is on the left . She belongs to DD. This is DH on Christmas morning ,just proving you don't have to spend thousands on pressies . He's playing with an electric Sudoku that cost me £7-99 from Aldi and it kept him quiet all day
These are some of my pressies . I sat and devoured them which got all my creative juices going so roll on New year.
We had a lovely Christmas dinner Robert and his girlfriend came round so more pressies. We all ended up stuffed , so after dinner me and Lucia took the dogs out for a long walk.
Boxing Day we all went to Andrew's ( No 2 son) to see the Grandchildren and stayed a couple of hours then headed home.
I think DH and I are missing the doting Children/ Grandchildren Gene as we where glad to be home just the two of us. Don't get me wrong we love them dearly and it was nice to see them but we where like a couple of homing pigeons on the way home.
Friday we went wool hunting to Heywood and got some fantastic Lace Weight Yarns . All wool and a good price .Then we went a ride round and found where DH lived when he was a little lad in Milnrow . He was dead chuffed ,though it had changed a bit . Houses where there used to be fields . The old story.
The last few days have been unexciting . Been walking , knitting, eating sleeping etc etc .
Today endeth 2007 and it will be good riddance . It's not been a good . Number 1 son split from his not so DW . Business took a big blow in the Summer when Foot and Mouth struck and shows got cancelled and the dreadful weather which resulted in more shows going . So all in all it was pretty crap . Lets hope 2008 will make up for it. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL MY READERS.
Nearly forgot very important both me and DH are now on Ravelry. I'm thelaalbear ,of course , he's having his username changed at the mo as the one he chose was bad . Anyone on Ravelry check us out. If your not on sign up it's great

Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Deck the Halls etc etc

Did my last Grassington on Saturday .It was good but took till one o'clock to get folk spending and boy was it cold . So it's feet up time now till the New Year then re- stock. Well actually I've not made anything for the stall since the beginning of the month which is very unusual. Because of all the cancelled shows in the Summer I had plenty of stock . I did have an emergency call last week from a customer asking could I make her DH a pair af welly socks in time for Christmas . What can you do , i posted them this morning so someone will be happy. So with so much time .

Ive been doing a bit of dyeing and spinning . This is Blue Faced Leicester and there will be enough for socks and mitts .I've also been doing a bit of knitting. Forest Canopy using Yarnyard sock wool . I think it was called Frazzle. Loved it so much I'm making another only bigger using my own BFL. This came yesterday from The Natural Dye Studio . It's Alpaca and Silk so i feel Entralac socks coming on.
These where brought from Cape Cod by my dear friends John and David . The patterns in the book are gorgeous . I've got so many projects in a queue now I won't have time to work after Christmas ( I wish)
And Yesterday I did this . All trimmed up for Christmas . I love doing it and have never allowed anyone else to do it. It's a bit selfish but I just like everything to be perfect.
We won't be spending Christmas at home this year we are going to DD's for a few days. First Christmas away in 37 years.
Don't know what it will be like . We have a two year old Border Collie and she has a one year old Patterdale terrier . I feel chaos coming on.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Tired again.

Just a short post .On Saturday we went to Grassington and the rain rained and the snow snowed . It was awful . Still lots of people came though it wasn't as good as last week. I think I'm getting end of seasonitis and a cold . Round about this time of year when i've only one more Grassington to do my body and mind seem to slow right down .I don't need to make anything more as there is enough stock for next week and with the short days i seem to go into a sort of hibernation till after Christmas . I've a couple of projects to try out . A shawl , some Marvelous Mitts and some spinning. I mainly want to spin as I lose myself whilst doing it and you never know how the yarn will turn out.Want a little treat ,go and visit Robert and click on the Myspace link . He's my youngest and is a singer ,he's great , but then I'm biased.
I've got a little bit of pressie wrapping to do this afternoon . Said Robert is going down to Bristol ,he's appearing at The G Casino, and meeting up with number one son so he's playing postman and taking everyones pressies down. Saving a lot of money in postage.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Chlling and More Good News

First the good news . I have been accepted for Wonderwool Wales ,which is great, not done it before. Plus it will be a bit of an adventure as we havn't taken the Caravan to Wales before either. I hope the journey isn't to hilly as I do all the driving . Anyone know of a not so hilly route to the Royal Welsh Showground? from lancashire.
Yesterday I received a letter from The Pension Service . It's official from next March I will be a pensioner. I didn't do what MiL did. She burst in to tears . What's another year ? Anyway your as old as you feel and at the moment that's about 30. The back end of this week I've been mostly chilling out. Pressies are all finished .I've enough stock for this weekend at Grassington so i decided to put my feet up a bit. Tomorrow is a long day get up at five not home till seven thirty and hopefully loads of sales in between. Will report Sunday.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Busy ,busy

I have been so busy these past couple of weeks Blog has had to take a backseat . I have been knitting pressies for my huge family .
Just finished these for my only daughter. The pattern is Flight of Eagles but the pattern isn't very prominent . I should have used plain wool. But DD loved the colour of some of my hand dyed wool. I have also been mega busy making stuff for Grassington Dickensian Festival. There on Saturday and it was HEAVING . We are back this Saturday and the 15th . It is always very busy hence not getting any blogging done. Now down to good news first I've been accepted for Woolfest in June . Yippee!!! Second my good friend Kevin has put my Hand Dyed Wools on his website . I have put a link in the sidebar ,so if you are interested , please feel free to browse. Now the other things I've been making.
I've made these bags for Sock Knitters . Very handy for when you are travelling about. Lots of Pockets and a cute little mouse on the front knitting a sock .There is a close up below. I had them on the stall at the weekend and sold some along with my newly dyed BFL. Managed along walk this morning . I'm trying to lose the weight I gained during a Summer in the Lakes. At last it's moving can't wait to get back into my decent jeans again. Well back to the attic still got lots to do .