Saturday, 21 June 2008

All ready for Woolfest .

I can't believe I'm all packed and ready for Woolfest. All the wool is wound , bags packed, boxes filled , stands sorted out . Now it's all sat in my dining room ready to be loaded on Tuesday . Below are pics of what is in these baskest and boxes
Alpaca / Silk yarn , Merino /Tencel , Alpaca /Merino.
Wool mix sock wool . Blue Faced Leicester .

Hand painted Sock Blockers
Botany and Lambswool Lace Weight
Useful Bags . You can never have enough bags for stashing yarn.
Sock Knitters Companions for all your DPN's and bits and pieces.
Little sock knitters bag . Ideal for Sip 'n' Knitters .
These are just a selection there's to much to put everything on I'd be here till next Christmas uploading pics if i did that.
I'm really pleased I've got everything done in plenty of time . I was determined not to be on the last minute like Wonderwool. I just ended up exhausted by the time I got there. Now I've got a few days restbite before next weekend and I can get a bit of Christmas knitting done.

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MuseinMeltdown said...

I would so love one of your sock bags - I have coveted this picture since I first saw it - do you sell by post... or undertake commissions?

Best wishes
shani (