Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Short Post.

Just a short post today as I have to get the car loaded for Woolfest. I was going to do it yesteday but the sun was shining and I decided to garden instead.Look what showed it's pretty face to the sun as well . This is the first water lily to bloom in our pond this year .It 's got a lovely perfume as well .
I've managed to finish round the seating area by the pond as well . It's great to be able to get my gardening done at this time of year. I'm usually working hard up in my attic workroom but with the lack of fairs I've got all my stuff finished early. I'm beginning to like not having to go out every weekend attending fairs here there and everywhere . Then spending the following week chasing my tail to get things ready for the next. It wasn't a planned thing, though I had stopped going with an organiser because of craft versus bought -in issues . We had Made in Lancashire last year but that folded so that left us with even less to do. But now with the high fuel costs I don't think I would have been able to afford to go out every weekend anyway. So I think semi -retirement is here to stay. I will never stop altogether because I enjoy meeting people and with the growing fibre and wool type shows things are looking interesting.
Lets hope Woolfest is a s good as last year. I've got a nice shopping list and some left over holiday saves to spend. He he !!!! Pics and repport when I return.

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