Sunday, 15 June 2008

Back from Glorious Devon.

We are Back !!! After two weeks sunning ourselves in Devon .
We nearly didn't get away as early as planned . We had a slight accident to get fixed. Some how or other the cistern on the toilet acquired a huge crack in it and it was leaking water all over the bathroom floor . This happened on the Friday night ,just 36 hours before we where due to leave .
Where does one get a plumber at such short notice ????? Enter my cousin The Plumber . He wasn't in when I rang but he got back to me that night and was on the doorstep at 8 o'clock Saturday morning . He assessed the situation and by 3 o'clock Saturday afternoon a new cistern had been installed , problem solved . Thank God for Cousins .
We got on our merry way at 7 o'clock Saturday morning and after a nearly uneventful journey ( I scraped the side of the caravan getting off a service station ) we pulled into the yard of Pigeons Farm , Woodbury Salterton at 1-30 pm. By 3 o'clock we were all sorted , awning up and having a brew in the sunshine.Woodbury Salterton is a lovely little village , about five miles from Exmouth . There are quite a few thatched cottages there , this is the prettiest . Take a look at that blue sky.
This year , being conscious of the price of fuel ,we didn't do a lot of driving round and used our free bus passes when we could . This is Budleigh Salterton and was only five miles from Woodbury and because the weather was so good , we spent quite a lot of time here . Just sitting and knitting and having our picnic lunches

This is me having a knit at Lyme Regis on the prom. This was another gorgeous place . The views were superb . I'm not going to bore you with loads of pics today I will drop a few in over the next few days .

This is Papa Bear looking over Lyme Bay late Thursday evening . Who needs abroad when you've got views like these in this country.
We have had a great holiday . As usual we have been very lucky with the weather . Out of the whole holiday there were only two days when we had to put a sweater on . Never wore a coat or shoes just sandals .There was one thunderstorm on the Saturday but we'd stayed at the van that day and it rained Thursday night . Neither affected us .
We had a visit from out Eldest son , who lives in Somerset and our two Grandsons , who we hadn't seen for a year . My how they'd grown . It was a lovely visit but all to short . Hopefully we will see them again when they come up to Lancashire in July.
We both came back with a nice tan and well rested as we weren't diving about here ,there ,and everywhere like we usually do .Unfortunately we had to come home a day early due to a planned fuel demo on the M6 which would have held us up on our way home . But every cloud has a silver lining , it has meant I've got all sorted out ,washing and ironing done , house back to normal and caravan cleaned ready for next time . Which just happens to be Woolfest . Yeh !!
Tomorrow I'll tell you about our visit to Coldharbour Woollen Mill.


ambermoggie said...

welcome back and glad you had a good holiday:)

Mara said...

Hello :)

Devon is a lovely place and the pics are fabulous, thanks for sharing them


Leanne said...

welcome back! glad you had a good holiday, and from those clear blue skies, good weather too!

Leanne x