Thursday, 29 May 2008

Three more days to go.

We've only three more days to go before we trek down to Devon. I am so looking forward to it .Peace and quiet and hopefully some sun. This morning has been spent getting a basket of wool ready for small projects to knit. I should get plenty done . We are planning a trip to Coldharbour Mill for an Organic Wool fix. Plus we want to sus things out for Fibrefest which is on down there next year and hopefully we will be attending.
We had the Three Musketeers ( our Grandchildren ) on Tuesday but unfortunately it rained for the first time in three weeks so we were confined to barracks . They had a good day though with lots of home made food , pizzas , soup , bread and jam.

I've been knitting as well . I wanted a cream cardigan for my hols but couldn't find one anywhere so on Sunday night I got the needles out and found some cream Merino DK and made this . It's Forest Canopy . It's a quick and easy pattern to do and looks so effective . I did it bigger than the pattern so it will wrap round and keep me warm .

This is a close up of the pattern . There are only eight rows to remember plus eight different rows for the edge .
The best thing this week though is my weight loss. I started making a concerted effort three weeks ago to get my weight moving down again and I've done it . In three weeks I have lost five pounds and I hope to lose more . I'm taking the scales with me on hols just to make sure I don't fall off the rails , which I usually do . This time I'm coming back lighter instead of heavier.
This may be my last post before I go away as I still have quite a few things to do . So TTFN (to all my foreign readers that means Ta Ta For Now )

Quick PS The passes have just arrived for Woolfest on the 27th / 28th of June . Can't believe four weeks today we will be in Cumbria . Yeh!!!!!

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Leanne said...

wow! your knitting is beautiful ursula! well done! hope the rain clears for you too,

leanne x