Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Guest Blogger

I have an extra blog today .You could call it a Guest Blog . These pics are from DD . She sent them to me the other day with a note . " Here are some pics for your blog " so here they are. She's been baking and proving to be a huge chip off the old block . I'm a baker by trade and when the children where all young they helped on baking days when they weren't at school . I don't bake as much these days as I would put on more weight than I already have done . DD has no such problem . For a kick off she's five inches taller than me and never carries a spare ounce. Who's a jealous Mum then ? Rasberry buns and biscuits.
Jam Tarts.

and if that wasn't enough, these are her first radish from her backyard garden. Quite talented.

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