Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Lovely Sunshine

First a quick gloss over the Bank Holiday Craft Fair we did . It was c*** . Sorry about that but that's just how I felt. The Craft scene is struggling badly . Far to many organisers are allowing stallholders to sell bought in rubbish . We just can't compete . People expect to pay the same cheap prices for my hand made goods , which have taken hours to make , as they do for the bought in stuff. When I looked round the marquee on Monday I said to Papa Bear " I'd rather do nothing than this " Luckily I'm building up Wool Festivals and we've still got Cumbria. But as far as Cumbria is concerned , that might fold . The organiser is packing up and at the moment there's no one to step into his shoes. Plus we've had two fairs of his cancelled because of some bureaucratic nonsence which means he would have to take out a £1000 insurance . Because he does it for the pure love of keeping crafts alive and not as a business he just can't do it. So me and 30 other stall holders have lost lucrative Bank Holiday business . Along with several small shopkeepers in a village on the West Coast of Cumbria , who rely on Summer visitors to make a living. Right I will now put my soapbox away and show you some nice picsYesteday was so gorgeous that I decided to play outside instead of up in my workroom . I spent all day on the garden . Bliss. The perfume from the wall flowers was really strong.
Got it all weeded and transplanted a load of Aqualigia and Foxgloves that had self seeded . I'm getting a nice Cottage Garden effect now with the Forget me nots and Auriculas. I've got Poppy seeds to sow yet and I'm going to get some Pinks , my favourites . I've only to smell them and I'm five again coming home with armfuls from a neighbours garden .

Remeber the radish . They are coming on a treat now .
Runner beans ready for DH planting out.Aren't we doing well ?
This morning I got up at 6-30a.m and went for a ride on my bike . It was lovely and fresh . Hope to do a bit more cycling . My weight isn't moving so i thought a bit of biking might do the trick . I did five miles today so I will build on that. Ah well up to the Attic before it gets to warm.

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