Friday, 16 May 2008

Out of the Attic and Childhood Memories.

At last I'm out of the Attic . i was determined this week to get all my stuff finished for the stall then I could Dye more wool for Woolfest . I have completed 30 Memory Albums , of which you can see below . Weddings , babies , christenings , My Familys , school days and memories. There should be enough, hopefully, with the stock I've got to last me through the Cumbrian shows. I've also made 20 note / recipe books as well , which also brings my stock up to a decent amount.
Having got all this done I can now concentrate on Woolfest .

Childhood Memories
This morning I pulled a long hair from my chin and in doing that sparked a memory from my childhood . Every Sunday morning ,when I was young ,I used to walk up to see my Grandma and two Great Aunts with my older sister. After the visits ,which usually gleaned bags of toffees , we
caught the twelve o'clock bus home for lunch. Every week a lady used to get on at one of the stops and she had rather a lot of facial hair , which amused me and my sister no end. Consequently we named her Mrs Whiskers . I never knew her name but pulling that hair from my chin was grim reminder of what could happen :-)))))
Talking to DH about this got me thinking . There are no interesting people round these days . My young life was peppered with interesting people . The first I remember was Bob Bailey . He was the milkman who came into the lane twice a day with fresh milk on his horse drawn milk cart. The milk wasn't in bottles but in big churns . It was ladled out into pint and half pint kits and brought to our door where it was duly poured into a huge glass jug. Before i was old enough to got to school I was allowed to ride on the cart down to the bottom of the lane and back. Then there was The Banjo Man , he used to come in the lane on Sundays playing his Banjo for coppers. He was usually followed by Molly's Ice Cream Man pushing his pushcart of goodies. During the week there was a succession of tradesmen calling. Herman Seed used to bring veg , Harry Walne bread , for those who didn't bake their own . The Pop Man came on Tuesdays with pop in glass bottles for which you got 3d back when you returned them empty . Then there was The Lamp Oil Man who came with a huge horse drawn cart carrying paraffin , donkey stones, mops and all sorts of hardware . He always fed his horse when he stopped at our house. The Coalman came every four weeks and occasionally Walter Bates . He worked for the council and if your drains got blocked up he would come on his bike with the rods to do the unblocking tied to his handlebar. Oh! I've just remembered Percy Woods . He lived in the lane and also worked for the council on the roads and he drove a crusher , a steam roller. It was huge . I still see these magnificent machines when I attend Steam Rallys . I think I could sit here all day reminiscing .
There just aren't any people like this anymore . It's all supermarkets . I've said it before and no
doubt I will say it again I am so glad I was born when I was .

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