Monday, 12 May 2008


The blog isn't in some strange language from deep in the Amazon jungle , it's Lancashire dialect for " hasn't it been warm of late " . It has though but will someone please explain to me why at the first sign of a bit of Summer vast acres of milk white flesh have to be uncovered. I nipped into town yesterday to get some togs ,to go out in and the number of people walking round with the skimpiest of clothes on was mind boggling. The trouble was most were of , lets say , ample proportions . Do these people not have mirrors or do they choose not to look in them. I'm no Twiggy myself but the only time I expose my legs , chest etc is in the privacy of my garden . I wouldn't dream of inflicting my bits of my uncovered body on the rest of the world. In the words of my late Mum " Have they no decorum ????"

Any way back to my new togs . Reason I had to get them was we went out last night and I only had best Winter togs , so a foray into town was needed. We went to see Number 3 son singing at The St Ives Hotel in St Annes . As usual he was brill . There was only a small audience but big or small he gives a great performance . He sang Gene Pitney's " I'm Gonna be strong " for me . Talk about making the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. He's doing really well and is now singing full time .

I've been doing a bit of outside knitting in the evening . These are Stashbuster Socks and you can knit them with oddments or as I've done used some of my hand dyed . It takes three 25 grm balls of wool to make a pair of socks . In the pic above I have placed the yarn by the needles each one is on . It looks difficult but if you go to the link you'll find the basic instructions. You end up with a spiral stripe and you can't see a join .

The instrutions are given for toe up socks but I prefare top down so I've managed to work out what to do . If you do the cuff in colour A , the heel in colourB and the toe in colour C you will have enough wool for an average sized pair of socks . I'm going to dye up some 25 grm skeins for Woolfest for making these.
Well the Sun is shining again today after a terrible thunderstorm yesterday . It's much fresher so i'm going up in the Attic whilst it's cool . By this afternoon it will be like a furnace.

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