Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Bus Passes and Nature Walks

Today we christened our Bus Passes. You can now go anywhere in the country with one of these without paying a fare . At last something for nothing !! The reason we did it was , we do a cycle ride twice a week which takes us to town and where curious as to what the distance was . The only way to find out was to walk it using my pedometer but instead of walking the length then having to walk back we took the bus into Preston and walked back . We weren't sure if we could take Meg on the bus but the driver said it was alright . She was as good as gold and just laid under the seat . It was all new to her but she wasn't phased at all. This is the long walk .You can just see Meg to the left. We love it down here . Meg can run free , all you can hear is birdsong and the occasional cycle bell . Dh takes a list of all the birds we see and hear for his BTO ( British Trust For Ornithology) reports . This time we got fifteen , we have been known to get twenty eight . The walk itself is a designated Cycle Path but it used to be a tram road taking coal from Barges on the Leeds Liverpool Canal at Walton Summit in Bamber Bridge to Preston. Like everything else now it's all gone but they've made good use of the long straight track.
There was Hawthorn blossom on abundance and the air was filled with it's fragrance . It's one of my favourite Spring smells .
Another of my favourites. We used to eat Clover heads when i was a child.
It was nice having a day off and it didn't cost a penny.

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