Monday, 26 May 2008

The Caravan's packed , can i go now.

I spent all of yesterday ironing and packing clothes into the caravan ready for the off next weekend. It's great when you have a van you can get everything ready , it goes straight into the wardrobe no suitcases and nothing gets creased . Except that is ,when you go down a particularly windy , twisty ,bumpy road , that you weren't supposed to go down in the first place and everything ends up in a heap at the bottom of said wardrobe. This happened last year when we took a wrong turning to a caravan site and ended up having to do a 180 degree turn round on VERY narrow country lane.
Anyway everything's done so like a child I want to go now .This is an Edinburgh Marathon Medal . How have i got my mitts on one of them you may ask ??

Cos my Big Lad ran in the Marathon yesterday and brought it to show me. He did it in 4hrs 20 mins . Which isn't bad at all seeing as how he's never run one before . Me and DH are very proud. His legs haven't recovered yet and he's walking like an old man . I couldn't run a mile let alone 26.

The weather has been gorgeous over the weekend pity we weren't working but I managed to get all my jobs done . I've started knitting a shawl for my hols but i can't show a pic the batteries have gone on my camera so it will have to wait till my next blog.
Tomorrow the Grandchildren are coming for the day so it should be fun.

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