Friday, 23 May 2008

Everything in the garden is rosy

This is a bit of a garden blog. This time of year I tend to outside more than in . If I have work to do in the Attic I try to get up early and get it done . Then do any handwork outside

The potatoes are coming along nicely. They should be ready by the time we get back from Devon.

Brussels and Cauliflower

Scarlet Runner beans . You can almost watch these grow. Nice row of Cabbage as well
All nice and tidy waiting for tubs and trough to be planted up.

I've moved the table and chairs near the pond so we can eat outside and listen to the waterfalls.
I'm getting the wild garden effect now and it's bringing in the butterflies and bees.
I've also been busy knitting but I can't show any pics due to the fact it's Christmas stuff for the family and I don't want to spoil any surprises. I've done loads of dyeing as well and when I've got it rewound I will let you see it . There's lots and lots of different plain colours for Stashbuster Socks.

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