Thursday, 8 May 2008

Another gorgeous day

We've had another scorcher today . Doesn't it make you feel better when the sun shines. I was up at 6-00a.m and had got all my ironing and chores done by 8-00am.
We had the afternoon off today. DD had invited us over to her house for tea , so we went over to see all the work she'd been doing last week decorating her kitchen .I've asked her to come and do ours . And take a look at her little veg patch in her yard. It's all coming along a treat .It's amazing what you can achieve in a small space.All her troughs full of salads and herbs.
Papa Bear shows DD how to prick out seedlings .
She made us a lovely steak salad for tea then we went for a walk in her local park .
It was still quite warm . DH bought us an ice cream . I shouldn't have had one but it is my one real weakness . When I was expecting DD i could put away a litre tub of Raspberry Ripple in no time.
These are the tulip beds in the park . They are all different Shapes
They must have taken ages to plant out . The effect was stunning.
I'll have to get some work done tomorrow , though I may go for a bike ride in the morning.

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