Sunday, 29 June 2008

Woolfest 2008 Part 1

Just a little taster, as I am a wee bit tired, due to my friend Carol's husband taking a six o'clock stroll with his empty water barrel past the caravan and waking me from a very deep slumber.
We had a very good journey up to Askew Rigg Farm and got there about 10 am. Giving us plenty of time to have a rest and some lunch before going up to Cockermouth to set up. It had been raining heavily all the way up but as we pulled onto the site it stopped long enough for us to sort things out. Jeff and Carol were joining us as Carol was sharing my stall to try Woolfest out before having a full stall. They arrived an hour later and the heavens opened . I think someone was watching out for us.
Empty sheep pen waiting to be turned into a wool stall. Carol setting up her bit.

Her Bit .
My Bit .
I had the bigger share . I couldn't take a full photo as it was to wide. But you get the general idea.
After we had set up we had a wander to look at the others setting up and seeing what was for sale . I had a big shopping list and the money was burning a hole in my pocket. I have yet to photo my purchases as they are still in the car More tomorrow.

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D K said...

Hello, I'm Janet and I want to find out about the woolfest that is held in Devon. I attended the Cumbrian one this year and LOVED it and want to know more about the Devon event. Please can you help me. My e-mail is Cheers, Janet DKY