Saturday, 27 September 2008

Cookers and Dirty Dogs

We've been and done it . At last my brand ,spanking. new , cooker has been ordered.Isn't it gorgeous. It's free standing and most important it's all gas. I wasn't having another fitted cooker as I am not over enamoured of electric ones. My other was fitted 18 yrs ago and after the first three months I bitterly regretted not having a free standing all gas .
Anyway , I'm getting one now. The cousins are booked to come next Saturday to fit it . Not looking forward to this as they will have to carve the worktop up to fit it in. As regular readers will know I don't like having jobs done in the house. I may go out. At least when it's all done I will be able to Bake . Yeh!!! I never thought I would come over all unnecessary about a flippin cooker.
These pretty things have been visiting us all Summer but this is the first time they've sat still long enough to be photographed . The most we've had at one time is 16 . The collective noun for Gold Finch is " A Charm " and they suit this name well .
This is to prove to some people that our gorgeous white dog, Meg , isn't always white. Everyone asks how do you keep her clean and we always reply " She's self cleaning " Only this time I don't think she would have self cleaned in a month of Sundays . Meg and I had been out on our regular walk and was on our way back . I thought she was behind me and turned round to call her to get her lead on . No Meg . Then I heard a big splosh . I think she'd gone after a moorhen . Luckily she came back as soon as called her . What a mess and boy did she stink.
This her after a hose down . It took me half an hour to get all the sludge out of her . She now smells gorgeous as I couldn't find the dog shampoo I used my Dove Pro-Age shampoo .
She is now sunning herself in the garden . And that's where I'm going now . I'm going to do a bit of spinning and maybe some knitting. Got to make the most of the Sun .
This is a PS . It's four hours since the swimming with moorhens incedent . Doesn't she look beautiful .

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ambermoggie said...

doesn't she look clean now:)
If you walk on the prom near the market in Morecambe they have all the collective nouns on seats. I love the charm of finches:)