Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Equinox , a time for decisions.

Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox , when there is equal day and night . It marks the official end of Summer ( what Summer ) .It is a time of clearing out both mentally and physically . A time to make decisions . Well i have . I have decided that i am definitely not going back to doing loads of shows. These past few weeks have been great . Doing what I please instead of working my butt off during the week and going out every weekend selling. I suppose that at 60 i am appoaching the Autumn of my life and it's time to enjoy it. I won't give up all together but i will be more choosy. Woolfest and Wonderwool Wales are top of my list. As i mentioned in a previous post , i'm going to sell some yarn and other knitty things off my blog . I will see how that goes then go from there. This my little homage to the Autumn Equinox .
Gorgeous Rose Hips in the Autumn Sushine

Now An Award

Ambermoggie has been kind enough to bestow this award on me . Your very kind Amber.
On receiving it I have to link her Blog to mine and nominate four more Blogs to receive it.
I have to link these to my Blog and leave a message on theirs to say I have done so .
I nominate
Snowgoosey she takes me for walks in Dorset.
Somersetseasons she takes me into another world.
Caecelia she keeps me in touch with Cumbria .
Greentwinsmummy she reminds me of when i was young Mum with my brood.


Leanne said...

oh thankyou ursula! much appreciated!

Leanne x

Cecilia said...

Ooooo, thank you!!! *HUG* I love your blog too! :)


Goosey said...

You are so kind, Ursula, I was actually thinking I may stop blogging but you have rekindled the interest for me....so thank you. Goosey x

Goosey said...

It's me again, I'm afraid I don't know how to link the award or show it on my blog! I'm not very computor savvy! Thank you anyway!