Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Shine on Harvest Moon

This is the Harvest Moon , well 99% of it .I took this pic on Saturday night . The Lady Moon was shining through the window when I went to bed so I quickly put my dressing gown on and went outside to photograph her. I'm glad I did because it was cloudy on Sunday. I wonder if the farmers have reasonable harvest . With the horrible weather it will be doubtful .

It's finished . This is my Peg Loom which DH has made me . I've just done a little trial with it to make sure the gauge is right . To buy one as big as this one would have cost me £25 plus postage. This cost £6-90 plus a bit of DH time. Can't wait to start making rugs.

Whilst I was away , during my enforced layoff , I managed to get quite a bit of spinning done on my £25 spinning wheel.
Left to right . BFL . Merino. Merino /Tussah Silk ./ Merino/Silk . Merino.
I was really pleased with the resulting yarns . I am managing to spin finer and finer .
Close up of Merino / Silk .

Close up of Blue Faced Leicester . I plyed one strand Lilac and one strand space dyed .
It's about a double knit thickness . Gorgeous and bouncy.
How do you like the new look blog layout . Thought it was time for a change as the old one has been up nearly a year . This one is brighter.


ambermoggie said...

the blog is really cheery with the new look:) I love the peg loom, DH has done a great job:) The spun yarn is gorgeous Ursula youa re one great spinner:)
It was good to see the moon this weekend, especially when you see today's weather

Ally said...