Sunday, 14 September 2008

Jam , Jerusalem and a Sunny September Sunday walk .

This Blog is going to be two days worth . A sort of B.O.G.O.F.
I had intended blogging last night but by the time I'd finished for the day I was a wee bit tired.We had a long walk on Friday and went to our favourite blackberrying spot and manage to pick three pounds of fruit . Which wasn't to bad considering the way the weather had been .At one time we could pick ten or twelve ponds at the same place. I heard on the radio recently that blackberrying is dying out and that people don't bother anymore to go out and pick this free fruit from Mother Natures larder. When i was young we couldn't wait till this time of year to spend the day along the canal bank with a picnic and come home laden with fruit. Anyway what we picked made this lot . Then I got bit by the preserving bug and spent Saturday having a whale of a time.
I peeled 10lbs of onions and bottled them in spiced vinegar . They have been put away and will be ready for Christmas . That's if I can keep DH away from them for that long

Next I made Lemon Cheese . I was well chuffed with this as I've never made it before . I think it was a little runny but it tastes delicious. We had some on hot croissants for breakfast this morning.
Marmalade . I must admit I cheated with this one ,I used a tin of prepared stuff .
Finally Piccalilli . Or Pickled Lily , as my children used to call it . DH won't have to wait as long for this as it can be eaten within a month.
I really enjoyed myself making all this . It's a long time since I had the time to do it .Things are very slack Craft Show wise at the moment and yesterday has got me wondering if I want to carry on at the rate I was doing withe the shows . Working all week making stuff then going out at the weekend selling it . Then starting again Monday morning. I am going to take a big step back and re-evaluate what I want from life. I don't want to pack up altogether but I think it's time for a change. ( I think I'm repeating myself . )
After all this pickling and what have you ,as I said I was a wee bit tired . But not to tired to watch The Last Night Of the Proms
I've watched for as long as I can remember . When I was young I used to sit on a cushion in front of my Dad's chair and watch Sir Malcolm Sergeant conducting the orchestra and singing Jerusalem . It always brings a lump to my throat.
Sunday's blog.
As it was a gorgeous day we decided to do our long walk . It's about an 8 mile circular. Of course we took a bag and got another couple of ponds of blackberries . There was also a wayside stall on the way round selling Bramley apples . 3 lbs for £1 so i got a bag and will put them with the blackberries either for jam or pies. Haven't made my mind up yet .
Could this be one of the last roses of Summer . It was the last on the whole bush anyway. There were plenty of insects feeding on it anyway.
These poor cows didn't look to happy about having to be brought inside a full month earlier than they should be . The weather has been so bad that there isn't any grass for them . It's going to cost the farmers a pretty penny this Winter, feeding livestock indoors so soon. It will certainly put the price of beef up to cover the extra costs but the supermarkets will screw the farmers into the ground to get a cheap price.
Our walk takes us past my sister's so we called in for a much needed brew. This is Meg meeting Mrs Jones , my sister's cat . Meg was quite intrigued by her and just wanted to play but Mrs Jines had other ideas like sleeping. Luckily both cat and Dog are quite laid back so no blood was spilt. Well thats about it . Hope you haven't fallen asleep reading this long blog but you have got two days worth . :-))))

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ambermoggie said...

Wonderful autumn bounty:) I love making lemon cheese, its ages since we did so you have inspired me:) Yarns are dry and I am so thrilled with them
Jam pan is fine for dyeing, the one I have is too good for that so I think I'll sell it on or barter it. I don't make jam now sadly. Hope to see you soon.