Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Crumbles , Bargains and Garden Spinning

I decided what to do with the Apples and Blackberries we got at the weekend . Crumble . I love crumble and custard . Unfortunately I won't be able to taste it for a while as the STUPID oven has finally given up the ghost , so these are destined for the freezer . I can look forward to having them though can't I . On the subject of the oven . We are going to have to get a new one but I want a free stading gas one . No more of this built in malarky . The only trouble is the work surface is going to have to be sawn through before it can be fitted . Enter My Cousin the cooker putter inner :)) ( i love having lots of cousins ) one slight prob , he's going on hols on Monday and can't do it before. So all the meals till then have to be stove top and I can't bake arggggg !!!Crumbles waiting to be froz .
This is Bargain of the month. We went to a farmers market this morning and one of the charity shops in the village had an outdoor stall . I spotted this in a box under the table along with some other cones . I asked how much , and the lady said £1 to which I gleefully said "i'll have it " It was a 500grm cone of Pure Shetland 3ply . Bargain or what !!!!
This afternoon was warm and bright enough to do some outdoor spinning. I was joined by Meg . Well she is a sheep dog . It was lovely sitting by the pond with the sun on my face . Doesn't it make you feel better when the sun shines.
This is what I was spinning. Hand dyed Bluefaced Leicester . It will be plyed with some Lilac I have . My Ashford Traveller is fast becomimg my favourite wheel . It's so easy to use.
Now then , i've decided i might try and sell some of my Hand Dyed yarns from the Blog . One or two people have asked where they can get my yarn and up till now it's only been at shows as I have no website or Etsy Shop. It will only be available to UK READERS ONLY as I haven't any ways of taking credit cards , so payment would have to be by cheque . It would have to be sold on a first come first served basis . I thought people could email me with what they want then I could email back with details . Not thought it all through yet but if you would like to leave a comment about the idea please do :-))


angeldust said...

Hi Angeldust here, would definitely be interested if you sell your yarn from your blog. I love what I have bought from you at shows, and it always knits/crochets up beautifully.

Ally said...

Great news about the online shop...can't wait:-)
Take care,
(allycoll on ravelry)

Ally said...

meant to say...I will have visit you blog more oftern now:-)

ambermoggie said...

Lovely colours in the spinning Ursula and what a good bargain off the stall. See you Saturday
BTW Good to hear the news about the yarn:)