Monday, 29 September 2008

Yarn for Sale.

In an earlier post I said I was going to offer some of my yarns for sale . Well here's a little bit .
As I have limited supplies of any of the yarns they will be sold on a first come first served basis.
I don't have the facilities to take credit cards so payment will have to be by cheque only.
If you would like to purchase any of the yarns email me at info(at)laalbeardotcodotuk ( replacing (at) with@ and dot with . ) or leave a note in the Comments box with what you want and your email address and I will get back to you straight away with details of my address and who to make the cheque payable to . If I sell out I will let you know .Virginia Stock( sold out ) and Pansy
Hand Dyed Blue Faced Leicester sock wool 100grms
£10 plus £1-60 postage
Philip and Andrew ( sold out )
Hand Dyed Blue Faced Leicester sock wool 100grms
£10 plus £1-60 postage
Blue / Pink / Sage / Lemon
Hand Dyed Semi solid Blue Faced Leicester sock wool 100grms
£9-00 plus £1-60 postage
Regal and Hippy ( sold out)
Hand Dyed Wool mix sock yarn 75% wool 25% nylon 100grms
£9-00 plus £1-60 postage
Dolly Mixture and Sea Spray
Hand Dyed Wool mix sock yarn 75% wool 25% nylon 100grms
£9-00 plus £1-60 postage
Gold/ Natural ( sold out )/ Pink / Slate
Hand Dyed Seni solid Wool mix sock yarn 75% woll 25% nylon 100 grms
£8-00 plus £1-60 postage

Sock Blanks.
Let your imagination run riot with these sock yarn dye blanks. A sock blank is a 100grms length of double stranded , machine knit Base yarn which enables you to dye self stripping yarn. No maths , no long lengths to dye . Just dye the flat piece of knitting in what ever stripes you want . When it's done you can knit straight from the blank, two socks at the same time or wind the yarn into balls .With full instructions.
Blue Faced Leicester Sock Blanks
£7-00 each plus £1-60 postage

I hope you like what you see and if this works I will post more .Thank you for looking.

Worthy Cause

I received this in my email this morning and I thought why tell ten friends when I can tell hundreds . I have a very dear friend who has lost both her breasts to this horrible disease and if I can help in this way I will . PLEASE pass it on

A favour to ask, it only takes a minute.... Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on 'donating a mammogram' for free (pink window in the middle). This doesn't cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors/advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising. Here's the web site! Pass it along to people you know. AGAIN , PLEASE TELL 10 FRIENDS TO TELL 10

Saturday, 27 September 2008

Cookers and Dirty Dogs

We've been and done it . At last my brand ,spanking. new , cooker has been ordered.Isn't it gorgeous. It's free standing and most important it's all gas. I wasn't having another fitted cooker as I am not over enamoured of electric ones. My other was fitted 18 yrs ago and after the first three months I bitterly regretted not having a free standing all gas .
Anyway , I'm getting one now. The cousins are booked to come next Saturday to fit it . Not looking forward to this as they will have to carve the worktop up to fit it in. As regular readers will know I don't like having jobs done in the house. I may go out. At least when it's all done I will be able to Bake . Yeh!!! I never thought I would come over all unnecessary about a flippin cooker.
These pretty things have been visiting us all Summer but this is the first time they've sat still long enough to be photographed . The most we've had at one time is 16 . The collective noun for Gold Finch is " A Charm " and they suit this name well .
This is to prove to some people that our gorgeous white dog, Meg , isn't always white. Everyone asks how do you keep her clean and we always reply " She's self cleaning " Only this time I don't think she would have self cleaned in a month of Sundays . Meg and I had been out on our regular walk and was on our way back . I thought she was behind me and turned round to call her to get her lead on . No Meg . Then I heard a big splosh . I think she'd gone after a moorhen . Luckily she came back as soon as called her . What a mess and boy did she stink.
This her after a hose down . It took me half an hour to get all the sludge out of her . She now smells gorgeous as I couldn't find the dog shampoo I used my Dove Pro-Age shampoo .
She is now sunning herself in the garden . And that's where I'm going now . I'm going to do a bit of spinning and maybe some knitting. Got to make the most of the Sun .
This is a PS . It's four hours since the swimming with moorhens incedent . Doesn't she look beautiful .

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Equinox , a time for decisions.

Yesterday was the Autumn Equinox , when there is equal day and night . It marks the official end of Summer ( what Summer ) .It is a time of clearing out both mentally and physically . A time to make decisions . Well i have . I have decided that i am definitely not going back to doing loads of shows. These past few weeks have been great . Doing what I please instead of working my butt off during the week and going out every weekend selling. I suppose that at 60 i am appoaching the Autumn of my life and it's time to enjoy it. I won't give up all together but i will be more choosy. Woolfest and Wonderwool Wales are top of my list. As i mentioned in a previous post , i'm going to sell some yarn and other knitty things off my blog . I will see how that goes then go from there. This my little homage to the Autumn Equinox .
Gorgeous Rose Hips in the Autumn Sushine

Now An Award

Ambermoggie has been kind enough to bestow this award on me . Your very kind Amber.
On receiving it I have to link her Blog to mine and nominate four more Blogs to receive it.
I have to link these to my Blog and leave a message on theirs to say I have done so .
I nominate
Snowgoosey she takes me for walks in Dorset.
Somersetseasons she takes me into another world.
Caecelia she keeps me in touch with Cumbria .
Greentwinsmummy she reminds me of when i was young Mum with my brood.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Didn't we have a lovely time the day we went to Morecambe

We had a lovely day ,yesterday . We set off early and dropped the caravan off at the Caravan Hospital for some repairs , then off we went to Morecambe. Not on the motorway but a more leisurely drive up the A6. First we went to spend a few hours with Ambermoggie and Mr Mog . Amber made us a delicious lunch of soup and homemade bread . Meg made a great fuss of Mr Mog and everytime he got up to do anything off she'd trot behind him. After lunch we all went into Morecambe for a stoll along the prom. It was heaving and we had a job to find somewhere to park . There was a lifeboat and Rescue Helicopter in the bay practicing so everyone was up there watching. We all had a nice stroll along the prom towards Bare .I'm not sure what this wooden building is but it's very New England .
Yachts at anchor with the Cumbrian fells behind. We walked back to the cars where we said farewell to Amber and Mr Mog . Amber wasn't feeling 100% so they went home.
We carried on along the front to the Stone Jetty to see the newly refurbished Midland Hotel. The beautiful Art Deco Hotel the stands on the shore looking out over the Bay . This is the front .
This is the back. I wonder how much it costs for one of the rooftop suites ??
The next pics are one of the main reasons we went to Morecambe . DH loves to paint sunsets but has never painted one over Morecambe Bay and as he used to live there it would be rather special for him to do so. We knew it was going to be a nice day so the chances of a perfect sunset were good . The following pics would say so .
The Sun
the West
On a Perfect Day.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Crumbles , Bargains and Garden Spinning

I decided what to do with the Apples and Blackberries we got at the weekend . Crumble . I love crumble and custard . Unfortunately I won't be able to taste it for a while as the STUPID oven has finally given up the ghost , so these are destined for the freezer . I can look forward to having them though can't I . On the subject of the oven . We are going to have to get a new one but I want a free stading gas one . No more of this built in malarky . The only trouble is the work surface is going to have to be sawn through before it can be fitted . Enter My Cousin the cooker putter inner :)) ( i love having lots of cousins ) one slight prob , he's going on hols on Monday and can't do it before. So all the meals till then have to be stove top and I can't bake arggggg !!!Crumbles waiting to be froz .
This is Bargain of the month. We went to a farmers market this morning and one of the charity shops in the village had an outdoor stall . I spotted this in a box under the table along with some other cones . I asked how much , and the lady said £1 to which I gleefully said "i'll have it " It was a 500grm cone of Pure Shetland 3ply . Bargain or what !!!!
This afternoon was warm and bright enough to do some outdoor spinning. I was joined by Meg . Well she is a sheep dog . It was lovely sitting by the pond with the sun on my face . Doesn't it make you feel better when the sun shines.
This is what I was spinning. Hand dyed Bluefaced Leicester . It will be plyed with some Lilac I have . My Ashford Traveller is fast becomimg my favourite wheel . It's so easy to use.
Now then , i've decided i might try and sell some of my Hand Dyed yarns from the Blog . One or two people have asked where they can get my yarn and up till now it's only been at shows as I have no website or Etsy Shop. It will only be available to UK READERS ONLY as I haven't any ways of taking credit cards , so payment would have to be by cheque . It would have to be sold on a first come first served basis . I thought people could email me with what they want then I could email back with details . Not thought it all through yet but if you would like to leave a comment about the idea please do :-))

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Shine on Harvest Moon

This is the Harvest Moon , well 99% of it .I took this pic on Saturday night . The Lady Moon was shining through the window when I went to bed so I quickly put my dressing gown on and went outside to photograph her. I'm glad I did because it was cloudy on Sunday. I wonder if the farmers have reasonable harvest . With the horrible weather it will be doubtful .

It's finished . This is my Peg Loom which DH has made me . I've just done a little trial with it to make sure the gauge is right . To buy one as big as this one would have cost me £25 plus postage. This cost £6-90 plus a bit of DH time. Can't wait to start making rugs.

Whilst I was away , during my enforced layoff , I managed to get quite a bit of spinning done on my £25 spinning wheel.
Left to right . BFL . Merino. Merino /Tussah Silk ./ Merino/Silk . Merino.
I was really pleased with the resulting yarns . I am managing to spin finer and finer .
Close up of Merino / Silk .

Close up of Blue Faced Leicester . I plyed one strand Lilac and one strand space dyed .
It's about a double knit thickness . Gorgeous and bouncy.
How do you like the new look blog layout . Thought it was time for a change as the old one has been up nearly a year . This one is brighter.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Jam , Jerusalem and a Sunny September Sunday walk .

This Blog is going to be two days worth . A sort of B.O.G.O.F.
I had intended blogging last night but by the time I'd finished for the day I was a wee bit tired.We had a long walk on Friday and went to our favourite blackberrying spot and manage to pick three pounds of fruit . Which wasn't to bad considering the way the weather had been .At one time we could pick ten or twelve ponds at the same place. I heard on the radio recently that blackberrying is dying out and that people don't bother anymore to go out and pick this free fruit from Mother Natures larder. When i was young we couldn't wait till this time of year to spend the day along the canal bank with a picnic and come home laden with fruit. Anyway what we picked made this lot . Then I got bit by the preserving bug and spent Saturday having a whale of a time.
I peeled 10lbs of onions and bottled them in spiced vinegar . They have been put away and will be ready for Christmas . That's if I can keep DH away from them for that long

Next I made Lemon Cheese . I was well chuffed with this as I've never made it before . I think it was a little runny but it tastes delicious. We had some on hot croissants for breakfast this morning.
Marmalade . I must admit I cheated with this one ,I used a tin of prepared stuff .
Finally Piccalilli . Or Pickled Lily , as my children used to call it . DH won't have to wait as long for this as it can be eaten within a month.
I really enjoyed myself making all this . It's a long time since I had the time to do it .Things are very slack Craft Show wise at the moment and yesterday has got me wondering if I want to carry on at the rate I was doing withe the shows . Working all week making stuff then going out at the weekend selling it . Then starting again Monday morning. I am going to take a big step back and re-evaluate what I want from life. I don't want to pack up altogether but I think it's time for a change. ( I think I'm repeating myself . )
After all this pickling and what have you ,as I said I was a wee bit tired . But not to tired to watch The Last Night Of the Proms
I've watched for as long as I can remember . When I was young I used to sit on a cushion in front of my Dad's chair and watch Sir Malcolm Sergeant conducting the orchestra and singing Jerusalem . It always brings a lump to my throat.
Sunday's blog.
As it was a gorgeous day we decided to do our long walk . It's about an 8 mile circular. Of course we took a bag and got another couple of ponds of blackberries . There was also a wayside stall on the way round selling Bramley apples . 3 lbs for £1 so i got a bag and will put them with the blackberries either for jam or pies. Haven't made my mind up yet .
Could this be one of the last roses of Summer . It was the last on the whole bush anyway. There were plenty of insects feeding on it anyway.
These poor cows didn't look to happy about having to be brought inside a full month earlier than they should be . The weather has been so bad that there isn't any grass for them . It's going to cost the farmers a pretty penny this Winter, feeding livestock indoors so soon. It will certainly put the price of beef up to cover the extra costs but the supermarkets will screw the farmers into the ground to get a cheap price.
Our walk takes us past my sister's so we called in for a much needed brew. This is Meg meeting Mrs Jones , my sister's cat . Meg was quite intrigued by her and just wanted to play but Mrs Jines had other ideas like sleeping. Luckily both cat and Dog are quite laid back so no blood was spilt. Well thats about it . Hope you haven't fallen asleep reading this long blog but you have got two days worth . :-))))

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

The Wanderer Returns

I am back . Bent but not broken . It's taken since last Thursday to get everything sorted.It has been the wettest August I have experienced in the thirty years I have been going up to the Lakes and the worst time show wise since I first ventured up there to work in 1994 . It has been unbelievably wet . So much so I hadn't the heart to blog after the first two weeks as I would just have been repeating myself . Wet , wet and more wet. By the 19th we had lost four shows and had to cancel one as DH was ill. Carol and Jeff decided to go home , they'd had enough . But we struggled on valiantly . After Carol and Jeff had gone the weather strangely picked up and we had four fine days so we played tourist and had some nice runs out.

Round the back of Blencathra to see the wild horse.

An evening stroll down by Derwentwater after a chippy tea .It seemed to lift our spirits and made us determined to carry on . Number 1 son had been up to see us .We had an hilarious phone conversation . Him on the top of Blencathra and me at the caravan , waving my arms frantically and shouting" can you see me " . He could see the van but I was to small and he didn't have his specs on. We paid a few visits to Woolclip . I now have a huge box of dyed Herdwick that I am going to make bags and rugs out of. As I write this DH is making me a Peg Loom to make the rugs . More about this later.

We blagged our way into the Grasmere Sports Craft Marquee and had a reasonable time . It clawed back a bit of lost revenue and the weather was gorgeous but it went downhill fast after that .

Bank Holiday Monday morning.

This was taken on the Bank Holiday as well . It says it all doesn't it . They where just standing in the rain looking miserable.

I could go on forever about the rain and the wet but it wasn't all bad . This is sunset over Keswick . On one of the rare days we had sun . I've taken some stunning photos of sunsets and sunrises and even one night we had a fabulous moon. I'll drop one or two pics in my blog over the next couple of weeks .

Meg found a pal at Grasmere Sports . How cool is that !!!! Her mirror image is a boy though. Meg is on the left. The chances of finding another dog like this must be awesome . They are the same age as well .

I've saved the best till last . If you have read my other Cumbrian posts you'll be aware that a Pedigree Highland Calf was born ,just after we arrived at Askew Rigg, and subsequently named after me . Well here she is . Isn't she beautiful . Mr Bird took me up to see her the day before we left and luckily the sun was shining.

The World Tour of Cumbria wasn't a complete disaster like the "Curates Egg " it was good in parts . We met some lovely people . Especially Cecelia and her friends . We had two lovely Monday nights at her home spinning , knitting and eating her DH's Apple Cake . We have to thank the Bird's of Askew Rigg , Ruth and Earnest, for there help and hospitality and their great interest in how we got on at the shows.

It was hard work but like Arnie " We'll be back "

Friday, 5 September 2008

Normal Service will be resumed as soon as possible

This is just a short post . I am back from Cumbria . Early because the rest of the shows have been cancelled due to the horrendous weather . I was welcomed home by the fact that the central heating boiler had packed up , so no hot water , no heat and my computer was dead when I tried to switch it on . I am writing this on my friends computer . Hopefully Normal Service should be resumed sometime next week .