Friday, 16 January 2009

I do like to be beside the Seaside , especially in Winter.

Another picture heavy blog . Yesterday we went to see the Moggs for lunch and to take Amber some yarn for hospice knitting . It was nice to see them again as we haven't seen them since just after Christmas when they came with Artis-Anne and her DH.
As usual we had a really good natter .
After lunch me and Papa Bear decided to carry on into Morecambe and go for a walk on the prom. It was bitter cold but we wrapped up warm . We headed towards the Stone Jetty as we could let Meg off to stretch her legs . The tide was in but it was quite dull so we couldn't see the Cumbrian Mountains .
On the leeward side of the jetty all was calm.
But when we got to the other side it was a different story . It was very windy and the waves were battering the beach . We decided to carry on round with the intention of walking to the Battery Hotel .
As we got further round , past the Midland Hotel ,the wind was whipping the waves up . It was fantastic . I love being near the sea especially in Winter , it's the wildness of it .
Another big wave .
The sea looks like it's boiling . Look at the whirlpool at the top right.
I don't think you would last long in there if you fell in .
What a contrast to our visit there in September when I took all the Sunset picture.
Unfortunately we didn't get as far as the Battery as it came on raining but I enjoyed it all the same. Hope you like the picture .


mrmog said...

Lovely photograph's glad you enjoyed the walk.

ambermoggie said...

Really wild wasn't it? It is often contrasting seas when you are by the jetty:) Thanks for the yarn, need to photograph it:)