Saturday, 17 January 2009

Wood and Wool

Conversation with Papa Bear last week. Me " I need some new coasters , paint me some , em please".
PB " What do you want painting in them "
Me " Multicoloured daft sheep "
PB " OK "Here they are , multicoloured daft sheep , aren't they cool . I particularly like the leering purple one on the bottom left , he he !
Conversation with Kevin ,our tame wood turner, just before Christmas . Me " Can you make me one of those thingies that you slip your DPN's in to stop the stitches falling off when your travelling about with your sock knitting ". Kevin " OK ". This morning he brought it round and it's perfick . It wasn't that dead easy the threading was a bit of a struggle but it's great and in my favourite Purple Heart wood . He also made me a spindle , now I need to learn how to use it .

And I've been spinning. This is the luxury Blue Faced Leicester Artis - Anne dyed for me before Christmas and it's like spinning butter. I intend to spin this as fine as I can then Navajo ply it to keep the colour together . I'm trying to spin at the moment instead of knitting as I'm having trouble with my shoulder and I didn't do it any good knitting two Starsky Cardies back to back in chunky yarn for my sons . So no more chunky yarn for me .


ambermoggie said...

lovely sheep:) PB needs to make some for wonderwool and woolfest.
The DPN thingy is a good idea.
That yarn is fabulous can't wait to see it knit up

Dajon said...

Those sheep are very funny
Hope you are both well


Artis-Anne said...

Great coasters and I agree with Amber ; get busy PB :)
Spinning looks greatand I look fwd to seeing it knit up too.
I tend to use my drop spindle when we are travelling in the van as a change from knitting. Do hope you shoulder gets better though :)
Love your photso in the last post.