Sunday, 4 January 2009

Belated New Year Greetings

A rather belated New Year Post , the reason being I've been One Degree Under. One of my Mum's favourite sayings when she wasn't feeling 100% . And that's just how I've felt , not proper poorly but decidedly not myself. I went to bed a 9-00pm on New Years Eve thinking I was coming down with the flu or something but it never materialised . whether I've had some sort of bug or just been overtired I don't know. Any way today I felt much better so we drove out to the coast for a walk along the prom.It was quite nippy but it was good to be out in the fresh air . We had a good hours walk .
Meg enjoyed herself , running up and down the sand dunes . there were lots of waders out on the estuary but unfortunately the binoculars had got left behind so we couldn't identify any of them.
We've decided to take a week off before getting down to making things again. With entertaining family and friend over Christmas we haven't had much time for ourselves so we are planning a few days out over the next week . The decorations came down the other day and Christmas got put back up in the attic for another year so normality is returning to the Den.
I've not made any New Year resolutions as such but i am going to TRY and get my weight under control. There's a thread started on one of the Ravelry Groups to lose 26 lbs in 26 weeks ,as that is how far Woolfest is away , so I'm joining in that . 26lbs would bring me down to my ideal weight again. I'm far to ashamed to put what my weight is at the moment but I'm going to put a progress report in the side bar of how much I'm losing. Feel free post encouraging comments , I need all the support I can get :-)

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Artis-Anne said...

Yet more lovely photos . Seems like a few of us are trying to lose weight and I have just posted about the very same thing LOL