Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Andeans , Navajos and Woolworths .

We had an At Home Day yesterday . Artis-Anne and her DH were up from Wales and staying with the Moggs , so they all came round yesterday for lunch . Unfortunately Amber wasn't feeling very well and after lunch headed home . Annie and DH stayed a while longer.
I learnt two new skills yesterday as well .Annie showed me how to use the Andean Plyer Papa Bear had bought me for Christmas .The spinners amongst you will know what it is . For non spinners , this is a nifty little gadget that enables you to make use of all the singles spun onto a bobbin , instead of wasting several metres of yarn , which usually happens once you finish plying.
After lunch , when the boys had taken the dogs out , Annie showed me how to Navajo ply . The pic above is the end result and I am so pleased with it . Navajo plying enables you to ply using one bobbin of single spun yarn, instead of plying two singles together .
It was lovely spending the day with like minded people and was a great pity Amber was feeling poorly .

This is some Falkland Island roving which Annie dyed for me for Christmas .
Unfortunately my stupid camera doesn't do the colour justice . Hopefully once I've spun it the pics will show the colours better .

Well that's the Andeans and the Navajos taken care of i want to talk about Woolworths.
Today me and DH went to town to browse round the sales and we found that our local Woolworths was one that closed down yesterday. This shop has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. Saturday morning trips up town with my Mum and sister always included a visit to Woolworths for an orange drink and very occasionally we would be treated to a small toy off the sixpenny toy counter.
These two little characters were purchased for Christmas in 1956 and cost the said sixpence each . Every year my Mum got them out and they stood on the mantlepiece during the festive season. When she died , ten years ago , I rescued them from the cupboard when her house was being cleared and they now have pride of place in my home at Christmas .
It's a great pity that institutions like Woolworths have been beaten by all these out of town retail parks and have gone the way of all the little local shops .

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ambermoggie said...

love the plying the colour is fabulous:) I was sorry to have to leave early but at least I got to eat first:)