Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Twas the Night Before Christmas

Oh! What a day . Things started going a bit wrong last night . I was doing some last minute pressie knitting , ably assisted by DH , he was doing the plain i was doing the fairisle. Weeell i'd picked the stitches up all down the front (136 ) and had got a good way on with the band and shaped collar of the Starsky Cardie when me and Dh swapped so i could finish the fairisle of the front . I happened to look across at him knitting when HORROR !!!!! I realised I'd missed knitting two rows of fair isle on the right front. The air turned a distinct shade of Royal Blue.
There was nothing else to do but frog it. The whole band and the top half of the front.
Anyway to cut to the chase I re knitted the front picked the stitches up and by 11-30 pm last night I was back to where I'd discovered the mistake. At this point I gave up and went to bed.
I had loads to do today but it has got finished ( pics another day , it's a surprise )And the turkey got cooked . Care of DH .
The Christmas cake got decorated .

And the pressies got wrapped .
Just the veggies to peel and that's it for today . Tonight it will be hot Lush bath , new jammies on , large Bacardi and Midsommer Murders.
The best , as they say , has been left till last . I am very proud to announce , that at the age of 73 ,my darling eldest brother is a Grandad for the the first time , to a gorgeous Grandaughter.
She arrived yesterday and weighed 7lb 1 oz .
Seasons Greetings and Blessings to all my readers.


Dajon said...

Hope it was not my fault for ringing that you missed the rows !

Christmas Wishes to you both.

PS The Turkey and the cake look

Love D&J XX

ambermoggie said...

hope you had a great day:) I got a windmill swift:)) details on the blog