Friday, 12 December 2008

I've Seen Him .. I've Seen Him !!!

A nice festive Post . Look who I met yesterday whilst I was at the Blackburn Town Centre Christmas Market . Doesn't he look great. You'll have to forgive me for indulging myself in pics of Father Christmas , I'm a big softy when it comes to him . When I was little the whole extended family used to go up to my Grandma's for Christmas Day and as we were a huge family , I had 16 cousins , you can imagine what it was like . There were so many there had to be two sittings for Christmas Dinner , children first then grown ups . Then it was present giving time . Not for us Aunties and Uncles etc just giving us their presents . Oh no . Father Christmas, himself , used to come specially to my Grandma's. It was fantastic . In he'd come with a huge sack and give out all the presents for everybody . If I close my eyes now i can picture myself in that living room waiting for him to call out my name . Such fantastic memories .
His costume was beautiful .

All the children were mesmerised .
He'd brought along his Pyranean Mountains dogs . As you can see they were huge .
Mum and Pup
Big Daddy.
Oops forgot to mention we had a good day in the Craft Marquee . We had thought of cancelling after such a poor first fair but decided , as there was no stall rent to shell out , we'd give it another go . Glad we did .

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